Jan 21, 2016

7 College Degrees with the Worst Return on Investment

With the staggering cost of higher education, ROI must be given priority. Not all degrees are at par and hence selecting a college degree is as essential as investing in stocks. A little knowledge can go miles – that’s with most things. Learning about college degrees and their outcomes could be enough to deter anyone from wasting time and money on a degree that does not pay off. Here are 7 college degrees with the worst return on investment:

1. Communications

Degree in communications could lead to a career in the realm of visual arts or broadcasting or media. Various statistics have predicted a drop of over 12% to 15% for reporters and correspondents up to the year 2020 or so. Meantime, positions for editors are expected to decrease by 2% and that for proof readers and copymakers will also drop by 1-2%. None of these jobs are lucrative anyway.

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