This Is Why Veganism Promotes a Longer Lifespan

Valerie Taylor

If you are considering going vegan, or are merely looking for more benefits to a plant-based diet than potential weight loss, then consider the effect it has on your life. Throughout the world, cultures that generally consume less meat and more produce generally live longer.

Studies throughout the years have also proven the healthy benefits to be true. When you switch to a vegan diet, you drastically cut your chances of getting some particularly devastating diseases.

Reduce the risk of premature death

A recent 2016 study published in the JAMA Internal Medicine Journal highlights this very well. The research was done by monitoring the diets of over 130,000 people in a time frame of 30 years.

When analyzing the data, the researchers found that for every 3 percent increase in plant-based calories, the risk of premature death was reduced by 10 percent. In terms of heart disease, a plant-based diet cut the risk by 12 percent.

The study also found that raising your intake of meat by 10 percent lead to a 2 percent increase in all general causes of death. This increase was exacerbated by other risky lifestyle habits like smoking and inactivity.

Though these numbers may not seem earth-shattering, every little bit counts. This is your life, after all. Why shave off seconds when you want to live it to the fullest?

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Ward off serious diseases

Besides preventing heart disease, other diseases that veganism is known to ward off include:

Keep your body nourished

The breadth of vitamins and nutrients derived from plants is far more beneficial to the body when compared to what is gain from meat. Animal proteins bring with them additional cholesterol, saturated fat, and added toxins (such as what would be in farmed fish or slaughterhouse beef).

Over time, these additional toxins build up in the system, blocking glands, throwing the hormonal system out of balance, and can affect you both mentally and physically.

Aside from shielding you from harmful diseases that slash your lifespan, veganism keeps the body nourished. Because eating a plant-based diet is known to lean people out, they are generally happier and more energetic than those eating a diet comprised largely of animal proteins.

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So if you are considering giving veganism or even vegetarianism a try, you honestly have nothing to lose (except a few pounds). Reducing your risk of life-altering diseases is a huge benefit to changing over to a more plant-based diet. Live life to the fullest by fueling your body with delicious vegan food. You will be surprised at how much better you feel!