10 Amazing Things You Did Not Know About Dreams

Nov 26, 2019

There have been many studies that have been conducted on human dreams for the simple reason that having a dream is an amazing phenomenon. We all know that dreams are colorless and whatever we imagine in our dreams is just that, imagination. We are also familiar with the fact that the only faces we can see in our dreams are the faces that we have seen in real life! The most interesting thing is that all that we see in our dreams can have a huge impact on our lives.

The base word from which this word was taken (dreme) actually refers to joy and music but there have been instances (several of them) where dreams have not been all joy and music! This list will take you into the finer details regarding dreams, things that you may not know about dreams!

1. Brain Activity When You Dream

Have you ever heard that a person died of fatal insomnia, a problem where the patient cannot sleep at all! Well, that is due to the reason that the brain decides not to shut off at all, not even if a coma is induced! The amazing thing that most of you might not have known before is that a lot of portions of the brain are actually active while we sleep.

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There are different stages of human periods of sleep where different parts of the brain are involved especially the visual areas of the human cortex and the limbic system that is responsible for our emotions. The human cortex is, in some cases, more active during the sleep than it is while a human is awake!

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