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11 Activated popcorn

What in the world is activated popcorn? Only one brand, Living Intentions, currently makes this ridiculously tasty snack. Basically, activated popcorn is air-popped corn dusted with superfoods and probiotics to make for a mouthwatering, nutritious treat that will trump every single piece of popcorn you have ever tasted. Ever.

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Flavors made by Living Intentions include Tandoori Turmeric, Salsa Verde, Cinnamon Twist, and Berry Smoothie.

Swear off junk food in 2023 and start off the new year right by adding these trending superfoods to your diet ASAP. When you do, the shadows of the previous year will dissipate, as will any ailments you might be plagued with. After all, diet is the best doctor, so make 2023 the best year yet with tasty, nutritious superfoods.

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