2 Lemongrass

The freshness found in lemongrass is an unforgettable experience for all foodies out there. Its citrus flavor takes you back to summer memories filled with light-hearted laughter, and unforgettable people. Yet, finding the beautiful Asian culinary herb is often hard and leaves us frustrated in the search for it – an emotion it was never meant to evoke.

So in order to prevent that from happening, why not regrow it? All you have to do is place the leftover root in a jar or vase, fill it with enough water to cover it and leave it in the sunlight for about a week. It will start growing like regular grass – that is when you can transfer it to your herb garden.

Lemongrass aids in treating digestive tract spasms, high blood pressure, pain, vomiting, achy joints, the common cold, and exhaustion. Now does that not seem like a good reason to start propagating some lemongrass?