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16 What is Your Dream Job?

The ability to describe the ideal job from your point of view at the interview is extremely important. Not only to set the right goals for yourself but also to answer one of the most common interview questions.

Possible answers for “What is your dream job?”:

“A combination of the last two positions would be my dream job. In my previous position, I had the opportunity to lead a couple of complex projects and coordinate the work of several teams, but I did not manage to do as much practical work as I would like. In my last position, I did the kind of hands-on work that I enjoyed most: product design and development. And I was delighted to see this type of combination mentioned in the job description. In addition, this is one of the reasons I applied for this position here.”

Tips for answering the question “What is your dream job?”:

  • Choose things that match the job you’re interviewing for.
  • By talking about your values and career milestones, you give the interviewer an understanding of your motivation.
  • Talk about your interests. Think about what brought you to this field and what interests you as a child are reflected in your work.

What mistakes should not be made when answering the question “What is your dream job?”:

  • Using a specific job title. It would be better to use words that describe what your dream job could look like.
  • Trying to fit yourself into existing vacancies.

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