2. Dog Walker

Pet services sell to a wide variety of people in all kinds of price points. Everything from dog grooming to dog walking has the potential to score you a whopping payday without a four-year degree. If you have ever walked the family pet, then you are already qualified to walk dogs for a living. It might not seem lucrative or glamorous at first, but walking a couple dozen dogs regularly can make you up to $100,000 a year. Make that into your own local franchise, hiring other folks just like you and you could be a millionaire before your pals even graduate.

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One of my best friends proved that a seemingly second-rate job such as a dog walker can be an excellent and well-paid job. Jensen has been working as a dog walker for a few years. Although he enjoys studying, he just can’t afford to go to a college.

Since he is a huge dog lover, he decided to become a professional dog walker. He walks his client’s dogs five days a week and he earns much more than me. But the main thing is that he loves his job and is really proud of it. Once he told me that he didn’t understand how I could sit the whole day in the office.