8. Latvia

Latvia is not as popular destination as France or Spain, but it has its own treasures. From the dynamic city of Riga to small fishing villages, from old castles, majestic palaces to fascinating parks and hidden rivers, you will have many things to explore. There are a few great beaches for swimming. Since there are few tourists, the water is always clean and it’s a good news for all swimming junkies. Latvia is very popular among nature lovers and bird watchers as well. But probably the most wonderful thing about this country is that you can see amazingly beautiful flowers almost everywhere, because Latvian people love flowers.

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I know that there are many more underrated countries in Europe. These are some of the places I’m going to visit in 2015 and then tell you about the most interesting and surprising things each country boasts. Have you ever visited any of these or other underrated countries in Europe or in the world? Share your travel experiences with us!

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