3 The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Again, I present you with a young adult movie, but this one is just too good not to place on the list and it was my absolute favorite movie in 2012. The title says it all: The advantages of being an introvert observing the world.

The story is told from the perspective of a socially awkward teenager called Charlie, who is constantly watching his life go by from the side lines. He wants to participate in his life but finds it extremely difficult and every time he does participate, it ends up being extremely awkward, especially with the kids at school who do not understand him (we all know how high school can be).

However, he soon meets two charismatic and free-spirited students who not only become his mentors, but also his friends. Together they discover music, friendships, first love and what it means to be distinctly present in every aspect of life.

Yet, his new friends eventually have to prepare to leave for college and where will this leave Charlie and his newfound confidence? Will he fall into that pit of inner sadness again? Will the scattered memories of a past he cannot quite make out and remember to threaten to completely consume him? And why does he miss his aunt so much?

I do not think I have to explain why you need to watch this movie or read this book. The questions posed here might just do that for me, if not – why not do it for the sole purpose of knowing that you are not alone in what it feels like as an introvert to often be standing on the side lines, observing the world, and keeping quite because you understand.