2. Crave independence

There is a spike of helplessness that often makes even the strongest of women break down while living abroad. Injecting yourself into the bloodstream of another culture, another world, as like asking to be treated as a foreign substance to that country’s system.

You might not get the best treatment from the locals. You might consider relying heavily on those that do show kindness and concern. Don’t. At least not 100%. Even if you moved with family, do not cling to that familiarity.

Just by taking the leap and going out into this crazy world to start anew, you have achieved something commendable. You have proven you are a strong, independent woman capable of taking on the challenge of emigrating alone.

Keep that in the back of your mind. Do things alone, even if it means getting lost, confused and frustrated. Those moments of sheer solidarity in your life are what will make your grow astronomically.

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