3 Ask questions

Similar to staying independent, be inquiring. If something does not seem right, it probably isn’t. Women have the incredible ability to read emotions and energy. Should someone or something seem slimy, throw salt on it and walk away. Question your surroundings, question the culture, question the methods of life – and then weigh the answers with your own intuition.

Not only that, question things as a local would:

  • Where can I get this item for cheaper? Are there stores made specifically for this grocery/medicine/object? What is the generic brand or the brand everyone here loves?
  • Where do the people of my age group hangout? Is that my kind of scene?
  • What are the safest regions of the area? The worst?
  • What is the best means of transportation here?
  • Are there more affordable utility companies?
  • How do the locals handle this kind of problem?
  • In the event of an emergency, are there safe zones? (For example, in Japan, because of the high occurrence of earthquakes, I wanted to settle in a quiescent zone to avoid a massive shake.)
  • What is the local diet like? Is the produce fresh and organic? Are the offerings seasonal, or can I get what I need year round?

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