8 Ways to Boost Your Water Intake This Fall

2. Strawberry Mint Water

During the strawberry season, I always try to refrigerate as many strawberries as possible, because I know that I will need these tasty berries in fall and winter. Strawberry mint water is one of the most delicious ways to stay hydrated during the day as well as boost your immune system. The great news is that your children can enjoy this drink too!

Mint kills harmful bacteria and viruses (which is vital during the fall and winter seasons), and strawberries help to prevent heart disease, improve memory, strengthen your immune system, prevent diabetes and constipation and have many other wonderful benefits. Add two sliced strawberries and several fresh mint leaves to a cup of cold or hot water and enjoy a delis beverage.

If you want to make strawberry mint water for the whole family, fill a pitcher with warm water, add in a cup of cut strawberries and as many fresh mint leaves as you want. Mint has its last harvest in the fall, so you won’t have any problems when looking for fresh mint for your drink.

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