3. Travel

Wherever you choose to go in life, travel is always a great idea. The best time to travel is before you have to buckle down into your studies program or life’s goal. The benefits of travel are extensive. Traveling helps us to broaden our thinking. It helps us to appreciate what we have and understand other cultures and our own better.

The best teacher is first hand life experience and travel is the best way to gain that knowledge. You can build your understanding by traveling in your own country or abroad. There are thousands of travel options online open to travelers of all ages. However, if travel is your goal for your gap year, it is crucial to keep safety tips in mind.

Never travel alone. Always do your research before traveling abroad and to unknown sites. The more you are informed, the safer you are. Always book accommodations through reputable sources and keep your currency and important papers such as passports and personal identification on you at all times.

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