2 Bow Pose

Similar to Locust Pose with what muscle groups are worked, Bow Pose is a true back bend that feels terrific. There is also an added stretch of the shoulders when clasping ahold of the ankles. Begin prone, as you had with Locust Pose.

First guide the heels towards your backside. Reach back with the arms, taking ahold of the feet in a comfortable way. The work now comes from the thighs peeling off the floor and feet rising up. Inhale, raise the chest, cinch the core tight, and squeeze the glute muscles to get extra height.

Breathe in that position you reach for a few cycles of breath, allowing the body to rock, before releasing with an exhale. Repeat 2-3 times each day to get a flatter stomach.

Modifications include keeping the head and chest down, only lifting the legs and grabbing hold of the feet or ankles. Alternatively, you can lift one leg at a time. Pointing and flexing the feet also give a different stretch. Feel free to play around in your Bow Pose.