Mar 27, 2015
Diana White

5 Must-Read Tips for Single Pregnant Women

Must-Read Tips for Single Pregnant WomenAre you single and pregnant? Do you think you are the most miserable woman in the world? Stop thinking this way. Every year over a million women (both young and middle-aged) experience pregnancy alone. It’s not the end of the world and you should be thankful for being pregnant because many women are not able to have kids. Gone are the days when women were ashamed of being single mothers. Nowadays women are strong enough to raise their kids alone and they should be proud of it. Here are a few tips you should remember when going through pregnancy alone....
Mar 25, 2015
Diana White

5 Reasons Ladies Need Good Guy Friends

Reasons Ladies Need Good Guy FriendsI’m the one who finds male friends an inevitable part of my life. When I was a teenager, I was surrounded mostly by female friends, because I believed that friendship between men and women was impossible and pointless. A bit later, I analyzed everything and realized that different stereotypes made my life limited and boring. Frankly speaking, I was sick and tired of constant rivalry between me and my female friends. Unfortunately, I couldn’t share my feelings or indulge in confidences with them, because they would spread my secrets in a quite short period of time. My decision to let...
Mar 23, 2015
Jennifer Houston

6 Healthiest and Tastiest Yogurt Alternatives

Healthiest and Tastiest Yogurt AlternativesI recently received several emails from people who have to avoid dairy and who asked me about some healthy and tasty replacement for dairy yogurt. I did a little research and discovered that today many people are looking for dairy alternatives. The major reason is because they are lactose intolerant. Allergies to dairy products are another reason why so many people stay away from dairy by all means. I love both regular yogurt and Greek yogurt for the healthy nutrients and probiotics they contain, but sometimes I also use yogurt alternatives in my smoothies. These yogurt alternatives come from alternative...
Mar 20, 2015
Diana White

8 Natural Ways to Heal Your Digestion

Natural Ways to Heal Your DigestionAre you feeling digestive discomfort? I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s a warning sign you should start healing your digestion as quick as possible. It’s always best to visit your doctor any time you have health issues, but you can also keep your digestive system health by following these simple tips: 1. Eat glutamine-rich foods One of the most essential nutrients that can help to heal your digestion naturally is glutamine. This nutrient helps to reduce inflammation and repair the lining in your gut. Try to incorporate more glutamine-rich foods, such as spinach, eggs,...
Mar 18, 2015
Diana White

8 Ways to Become a Highly Persuasive Speaker

Ways to Become a Highly Persuasive SpeakerKnowing how to speak effectively and persuasively has become an essential skill in a modern life. Although it’s possible to become a good speaker, you may face some difficulties if you are a shy or introverted person. Speaking in front of a crowd is never easy, especially when you need to explain or prove something. You should learn how to convey your thoughts and information in a more professional and credible way so that your audience could understand you and support your opinion. Don’t expect quick results, though. You should practice a lot, develop a few habits, fight your fears...
Mar 17, 2015
Jennifer Houston

7 Fantastic Reasons to Eat Rhubarb All Year Long

Fantastic Reasons to Eat Rhubarb All Year LongRhubarb is going to be a new superfood in the nearest future. It’s a nutritional powerhouse that provides a great number of fantastic health benefits. In a warm climate, rhubarb can grow all year round, while in a colder climate it starts growing early in the spring. Many people grow rhubarb in large pots at home since the plant is easy to grow and it can grow for about 10-15 years. Some people grow rhubarb in heated greenhouses too. We usually use rhubarb in pies, smoothies, pastries, salads and soups, but it can also be eaten raw (many don’t know...
Mar 16, 2015
Diana White

5 Most Annoying Habits of Men

Most Annoying Habits of MenNowadays many women waste time dreaming about a knight in shining armor. They cannot realize that even knights are mere men who’re full of advantages and disadvantages. I’ve done my own research for all women to understand that almost all men have the same annoying habits. If you think that you can easily reeducate and change your man, then you’re seriously mistaken. You can surf the Internet for hours, looking for effective ways to make your man get rid of these habits. I advise you to accept this fact, because indifference, carelessness and simple manner of life are significant parts...