Nov 25, 2015
Diana White

10 Apps for Women’s Health

Apps for Women's HealthThere are many ways we use the power of technology. Modern women use technology for good. Their phones help them plan a day, save money on groceries, and reach their career and weight loss goals. Some women even use their smartphones to scan the food labels for hidden information. With all those apps (thankfully, most of them are free) it seems we save time, money and effort. However, we often forget about the main thing in life – health. We forget to take the pill and keep track of blood pressure and sugar levels. We skip self-breast examination, and neglect...
Nov 24, 2015
Diana White

7 Crucial Things to Know about Tattoo Removal

Things to Know about Tattoo RemovalTattoos rejuvenate the spirit, beautify the body, and help us express our feelings. People get tattoos for many reasons, but often those reasons are mistaken. Getting a tattoo to honor your child or parent is a great idea, while getting a tattoo to express your current mood, partner or feelings might leave you thinking about its removal after a while. I remember the first time I got my tattoo to honor my first love, and then a second love , and then I realized that this was a bad idea and I wanted to get rid of those seemingly cute...
Nov 23, 2015
Jennifer Houston

11 Funny Dog Videos That Will Make Your Day

Funny Dog Videos That Will Make Your DayOur pets can be unpredictably funny, especially if they are dogs. Remember those times you failed to turn on the camera on time and make a video of your cutie goofing around? Sure you do. Enjoy these cute dog videos and try not to hurt yourself by smiling and laughing too wide. Even though these videos are short, they will definitely make your day. 1. Little friends When your pet wants to catch some Z’s, he or she may fall asleep wherever it’s possible. The main point is the place should be warm and cozy. The rest makes no sense,...
Nov 21, 2015
Diana White

8 Things to Do at 20 That Will Make Your Life Easier at 40

Things to Do at 20 That Will Make Your Life Easier at 40Waste your time in your 20s and you will reap all the consequences in your 40s. When you’re young, you barely think about your future. You hope the wind will change in your favor and something magical will happen when you get older. When something goes wrong, you blame your parents, friends or partner for all your failures and miserable life. The truth is, your life is absolutely your responsibility. What you do today can significantly affect your future. If you really want to feel contented when you hit your 40s, here are some of the most important things you...
Nov 20, 2015
Jennifer Houston

How to Cope with Anxiety over Being Phoneless

How to Cope with Anxiety over Being PhonelessCan you imagine one day without your smartphone? I don’t think so. Most of us can’t imagine a minute without our ‘best friends.’ We can’t sleep well at night, knowing someone will send us a message via email or Facebook. We feel panic every time a low-battery notification pops up on the screen. Instead of enjoying the day or focusing on our tasks, we spend hours worrying about low battery and looking for the ways to charge it. Is it an addiction, anxiety or nomophobia? Probably, all of them. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t experienced any...
Nov 19, 2015
Diana White

5 Dos and Don’ts of a Brazilian Wax

Brazilian WaxAs women we can survive any pain and suffering. We give birth to kids. We do hard work. We experiment with our bodies. We survive the red weeks. Many women even opt for vagina reconstructions to look gorgeous in bikini and leggings. The Brazilian wax is another suffering that many girls have to handle. Since you can’t do it at home, the Brazilian wax is really a luxury. It’s expensive, painful, and a bit shameful or awkward, so why we choose it instead of razors? It’s not for men. It’s just for us. Brazilian waxing can make you feel confident...
Nov 18, 2015
Jennifer Houston

7 Things to Know about a Friends-with-Benefits Relationship

Things to Know about a Friends-with-Benefits RelationshipBoyfriend dramas, fights, constant commitment, breakups and complete loneliness suck, which is probably why many young people opt for a friends-with-benefits relationship. This type of relationship has its benefits and downsides. Depending on what type of person you are, such a relationship can lead to either relieve or broken heart. If you’re a sensitive person, you will find it difficult to end your friends-with-benefits relationship, while your “friend” will do it with ease, or vice versa. Friends-with-benefits relationships end in many different ways. Some couples build long-term relationships and get married, while others forget about each other and their friendships....


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