Sep 19, 2014
Diana White

Reasons I Get Up at 6 a.m. Daily, Even on the Weekends

Reasons I Get Up at 6 a.m. Daily, Even on the WeekendsEven though I’m not a morning person by nature, I enjoy getting up early in the morning. I remember that terrible time when I couldn’t wake up early without wanting to cry and smash my alarm clock to smithereens. Until, in time, I understood that waking up early is the key to a positive day and a happy life. Numerous studies show that most famous and successful people are early risers. Unfortunately, I can’t add more hours to my day, but I know that I can benefit from using these 24 hours properly. Getting up at 6 a.m. each day...
Sep 18, 2014
Jennifer Houston

Social Media: Why I Took a Vacation from It Today

Social MediaIt seems not long ago, everybody dreamt about virtual reality. Many people suffered from lack of communication and poor informational resources in the Internet. As the time went on, the development of information technologies moved to a new stage. Nowadays, the Internet offers a great variety of social media and other informational resources that have already replaced real communication and entertainment by virtual ones. Each day people spend hours visiting social networks, playing computer games and communicating with virtual interlocutors. I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit old-fashioned person and I prefer active way of spending time together...
Sep 17, 2014
Diana White

Money Is Not an Aim, But a Tool That Helps You Reach Your Goals

Money Is Not an Aim, But a Tool That Helps You Reach Your GoalsNowadays money has become the most popular and desirable thing in this world. Everyone realizes that it’s impossible to survive without money since almost all material things and services are paid. That’s why people waste the best and the most productive years of their life at work they hate in order to earn more money. I think that unreasonable rush for wealth is a dangerous thing, because it can make people lose intellectual values and become inhuman. My best friend always supported the quote by a famous American rapper 50 Cent, “Get rich or die tryin’”. It proves that money...
Sep 16, 2014
Jennifer Houston

8 Lucrative Jobs You Don’t Need a Degree for

Lucrative Jobs You Don’t Need a Degree forSociety has conditioned us to believe that professional success is directly proportionate to the number of degrees, certificates, and diplomas we receive. Graduating high school is a reasonable starting point for most people, but a high school diploma alone isn’t usually enough to make you a millionaire. If your goal is to make something of yourself and land that six-figure salary, society tells you that you need some sort of tertiary education. However, is society right? Even in the wake of society’s high-educational standards, bachelor degrees are a dime a dozen. Most undergraduate degrees aren’t much more than a piece...
Sep 14, 2014
Diana White

5 Reasons I Always Stay Productive, Even on the Weekends

Reasons I Always Stay Productive, Even on the WeekendsThere are many incredible benefits of being more productive in life. To tell the truth, I’m a lazy person by nature, at least I think so. Formerly, I really enjoyed spending my time doing absolutely nothing and I thought I lived a happy and fulfilled life. My aunt had always told me that my life wasn’t interesting and laziness would never help me become happy and successful. The thing is, my aunt is incredibly active and always busy. I’ve never seen her watching TV or simply sleeping the whole day. She is always positive and happy, even when she has...
Sep 11, 2014
Jennifer Houston

A Happy Family: Why It’s So Important to Your Kids

Happy Family Why It’s So Important to Your KidsToday I’m going to reflect on the importance of a happy family in the life of children. This topic is of current importance since many people experience both economical and social crisis these days. There’re millions of single-parent families, which can be dangerous for child development. Studies show that rearing kids in single-parent families exerts negative influence on their development. If you’re already a parent, you should realize that children cannot develop without your support. You should act like a guide and help them explore this wonderful and challenging world. Try to create a correct model of relationships inside your...
Sep 10, 2014
Diana White

7 Ways to Open a New Page in Your Life

Ways to Open a New Page in Your LifeNowadays you’re living in the world of constant movement. It seems there’re millions of things and possibilities that can make you happier, but sometimes it’s very difficult to screw your courage up and open a new page in your life. You may feel paralyzed, because you simply don’t know what you want to be. Unfortunately, various fears and diffidence usually make you lose the best opportunities and chances. Consequently, you become despondent and limited, because it’s hard to keep hope alive when your world is falling apart. Remember that this world belongs to you and you’re free to enjoy life...