Oct 17, 2014
Jennifer Houston

10 Cheap Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas

Cheap Outdoor Halloween Decorating IdeasOne of the greatest joys of Halloween is the ability to use your creativity and decorate the outside of your home. Whether you like to create a festive, fall atmosphere or a spooky graveyard, outdoor decorating is a blast. However, just as Halloween costumes and candy get expensive, decorations can get expensive as well. The following are 10 cheap ideas you can use to decorate your home for Halloween without breaking the bank.   1.  The Cemetery Cemeteries are commonplace when it comes to decorating the yard for Halloween. Rather than waste money on foam or plastic gravestones at your...
Oct 16, 2014
Diana White

7 Reasons Subconscious Mind Is My Guide

Reasons Subconscious Mind is My GuideWhat is subconsciousness? I’m sure that nowadays many people have no idea of this notion. What can I say about people, even if scientists can’t finally unravel the power of subconscious mind and teach humanity to use the abilities of their senses? I think that subconsciousness is a type of mind that exerts great influence on my thinking, behavior, feelings and emotions. I believe that it holds the answers to all my questions. The only secret is to find the key to this under-explored type of mind. I’m a highly sensitive person that’s why I often pay attention to my...
Oct 15, 2014
Jennifer Houston

7 Tips for Caring for Knitted Garments

Tips for Caring for Knitted GarmentsWinter is approaching and we all look for warm and cozy knitted mittens, scarfs, sweaters and hats. Knitted garments are very practical and stylish things that almost every woman enjoys wearing during the cold season. Knitted fabric is breathable, hygroscopic and crease-resistant. Due to these properties many people opt for knitted garments, which don’t constrain our movements and keep us warm longer than other clothes. However, without proper care knits won’t look beautiful. Don’t get disappointed if you see that your favorite pullover lost its bright tint or became too loose. With these tips on how to take care of...
Oct 14, 2014
Diana White

10 Reasons to Celebrate Halloween Abroad

It Might Be WilderHalloween has a rich and nuanced past that extends back through Christian history and into pre-Christian Celtic history. For instance, the association of Halloween with cider, apples, pumpkins, and other vegetables arises from the fact that many religions urged their members to abstain from eating meat on All Hallow’s Eve. The deep roots of Halloween mean that much of the Western world partakes in the holiday. Celebrating Halloween abroad can be a rewarding, educational, and exciting way to experience the year’s most frightening holiday. Here are a few reasons to consider leaving home this Halloween. 1. It Might Be More...
Oct 13, 2014
Jennifer Houston

Why and How I Appreciate My Parents

Why and How I Appreciate My ParentsFrom time to time sentimental thoughts about my parents cannot leave my mind. My life is so busy that I can hardly find a free minute to call up my mom or dad and just talk to them. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that I tend to think more about money, everyday problems, new perspectives and opportunities. Consequently, I forget about the most sacred part of my life. I’m not the only one who has faced such a problem. When I was a bit younger, I couldn’t understand and realize how much I loved my parents. I couldn’t communicate with them freely...
Oct 10, 2014
Diana White

7 Reasons Why It’s So Important to Love Yourself

Reasons Why It's So Important to Love YourselfLoving yourself and narcissism or selfishness are absolutely different things. Love is all about giving and receiving and if you can give enough care, attention and sympathy to yourself, most probably you can give it to others as well. You must have heard the old truth that we cannot love others if we cannot love ourselves. Love flourishes when we give it to other people, but love always starts with ‘me’. We are the only ones responsible for our life, choices and deeds so we just have no right to be neglectful of ourselves. However, I’ve never thought about why...
Oct 9, 2014
Jennifer Houston

9 Fun Halloween Activities for the Whole Family

A mystery gift for your neighborsHalloween is a special time for families since it’s all about unique family traditions, and fun and precious memories. Even if you are not passionate about Halloween, which is rather doubtful, having your own family traditions and activities is important to your children. Halloween is also a great opportunity for adults to indulge their inner child and to recollect their own childhood. Here are a few fantastic Halloween activities for the whole family. 1. A mystery gift for your neighbors Halloween is incomplete without pranks and mischiefs, which can quickly get your family in the spirit of the holiday! When...