Jul 3, 2015
Jennifer Houston

7 Ways to Teach Yourself to Be an Optimist

Ways to Teach Yourself to Be an OptimistYou have a wonderful family, many true friends and a dream job. You exercise, eat whole foods and read a lot of books. You believe you are happy and live a great lifestyle, but when you have to solve any problems, your life doesn’t seem bright and happy. So let me ask you a little question. Do you overcome rough times without wrecking your nervous system? The problem is, we stay optimistic only when everything is going well, and become pessimistic once the problem appears. If it sounds familiar to you, read on to find out how to train yourself...
Jul 2, 2015
Diana White

5 Reasons to Make a Bicycle an Essential Part of Your Life

Reasons to Make a Bicycle an Essential Part of Your LifeNowadays more and more people are becoming sick and tired of motorized means of transport. They’re looking for new methods of alternative transportation for different reasons. Someone uses motorized and non-motorized two wheel vehicles, because not everyone can afford to buy and maintain a new car. Others choose bicycles, because they wholeheartedly believe that these safe vehicles are very good for their health. Several months ago I decided to buy my first serious bike and become a part of a cycling nation. Frankly speaking, I’ve never regretted my decision, because bicycle is the most reliable everyday mode of transport that...
Jul 1, 2015
Jennifer Houston

8 Family-Friendly Fourth of July Activities

Family-Friendly Fourth of July ActivitiesIndependence Day is a special holiday for all Americans. This is a perfect time to feel the spirit of patriotism and, of course, it`s a great opportunity to spend the whole day with your family and friends. This day is all about BBQ, outdoor games, fireworks, and delicious treats, so if you want to have a lot of fun with family and friends, here are some of the best family-friendly 4th of July activities to enjoy… 1. Visit historical landmarks You have enough free time from work to plan a trip to some historical places this week. Head to east...
Jun 30, 2015
Diana White

5 Reasons Your Child Should Drink Milk Each Day

Reasons Your Child Should Drink Milk Each DayNowadays there are a lot of tips, hints and hacks that claim milk is not good for us. Yes, cow’s milk isn’t good for people who have lactose intolerance, but many parents make a huge mistake when they eliminate milk from their children’s eating plans. Yesterday my neighbor said, “I read that milk is bad for us, so I stopped buying it at all and started giving my child a fresh juice instead of milk.” It’s shocking how easily we trust those articles without realizing the consequences. Milk as well as other dairy products are excellent sources of calcium and...
Jun 29, 2015
Jennifer Houston

8 Things to Be Proud of Having in Your Life

Things to Be Proud of Having in Your LifeDo you realize how lucky you are to have a lot of really great things in your life? Nowadays people mostly pay attention to the material wealth and often forget about something just priceless they also have in their lives. You can feel like a loser without a huge amount of money, but everyone should know that there is something much more important that can`t be bought and you need to take pride in having those things. I mean your inner wealth, something that you can`t touch, taste or smell but it can touch you – actually it does. It...
Jun 26, 2015
Diana White

8 Things You Should Never Feel Ashamed of

Things You Should Never Feel Ashamed ofPeople may try to make you feel ashamed of the clothes you wear or the job you have but you should never take those remarks seriously. You can be nice and kind but there’s always someone who is ready to judge and criticize you all day long. Don’t let them break your self-confidence. Instead, let others think what they want but keep doing what you need and it`ll bring you closer to success. Here are the most important things you should be proud of, despite being shamed or judged by other people. 1. Weight Most people are obsessed with their...
Jun 24, 2015
Diana White

8 Smart Things to Do When You’re Judged by Other Women

Smart Things to Do When You're Judged by Other WomenBeing a strong independent woman and doing everything to reach success can’t be accepted by other women as they believe hard work and self-improvement are men`s business. It`s often difficult to cope with the feeling of being judged by others. In fact, people will never stop judging you, however good or bad you are. You are not alone. All of us are judged by how we look, how we speak, how we dress, how we carry ourselves and how we cope with problems. Check out what you can do when you are judged by other people, especially women. 1. Confront...