Apr 26, 2015
Jennifer Houston

7 Ways Technology Ruins Your Relationship

Ways Technology Ruins Your RelationshipWe live in the high-technology world full of wonderful gadgets that make our lives simpler. When it comes to building a strong and healthy relationship, technology may play a fatal role. Each day I see many couples sitting in a cafe or park and each of partners looking at their tablets and phones. We often spend more time with our gadgets than with our partners and complain about relationship problems. Communication is one of the most important things in any relationship. It helps build a happy relationship and start a happy family. Just ask your grandma about how she spent...
Apr 24, 2015
Diana White

7 Healthy Reasons to Munch on Pineberries

Healthy Reasons to Munch on PineberriesWant to try something unusual yet delicious today? Munch on pineberries, or white strawberries. Pineberries may be even healthier for you than red strawberries. They are a wonderful source of essential nutrients and powerful antioxidants, in addition to all the other incredibly healthy benefits they offer. You can snack on pineberries or use them in your yogurt, smoothies, and fruit salads. They can also be used in fruit pies in place of red strawberries. Here are seven reasons to munch on pineberries. You will be amazed by what these berries can do for you. 1. Improve your fiber intake No...
Apr 22, 2015
Diana White

7 Ways to Contribute to Animal Welfare Without Spending a Dime

Ways to Contribute to Animal Welfare Without Spending a DimeAnimals are living creatures and most of us often forget about it. Although they can’t speak our language, they can understand us and they often suffer from human cruelty. Just because people are stronger doesn’t mean they have the right to abuse animals. These little (or big) creatures can’t help themselves at times so they need you to help them. You don’t have to spend money, though. Here are a few ways you can contribute to animal welfare without spending a dime. 1. Volunteer at your local animal shelter If you can’t donate to animal shelters, you can visit a...
Apr 20, 2015
Jennifer Houston

7 Ways to Wave Goodbye to Spring Fatigue

Ways to Wave Goodbye to Spring FatigueMany people find spring the best and the most beautiful season of the year. They like to observe the total renewal of nature after a long and cold winter. This natural process is unbelievably beautiful, but it can have both positive and negative influence on human physical and mental well-beings. Have you noticed any changes in your body during the first two months of spring? Frankly speaking, I’ve already noticed that a terrible feeling of fatigue and weakness makes me behave like a sleepy fly. Many of my friends say that they’re facing the same trouble. It’s high time to...
Apr 18, 2015
Diana White

8 Things Every Successful Woman Should Accomplish in Her Lifetime

Things Every Successful Woman Should Accomplish in Her LifetimeNowadays many people tend to live for the moment and take the line of least resistance. They usually act and behave as if they’re not afraid of an empty and purposeless life. Modern mass media and other sources of information do their best to prove people that life is made for entertainment and satisfaction only. This powerful propaganda can lead millions of young people up the garden and make them move in the wrong direction, because satisfaction is just a temporary feeling. A cherished dream to live a life of luxury makes them blind to really valuable and meaningful goals....
Apr 16, 2015
Jennifer Houston

3 Best Caribbean Dive Sites

Cozumel, MexicoIt’s no coincidence that the Caribbean regularly tops the list when Scuba Diving magazine conducts its annual poll of the world’s best dive destinations. From the Bahamas in the north, just 50 miles off the Florida coast, to the Dutch ABC islands in the south near Venezuela, the Caribbean guarantees year-round water temperatures in the high seventies, outstanding visibility, and an intriguing combination of reef, wreck, wall, and cave diving. Although the health of the region’s coral reef is a concern, marine life remains abundant and facilities on each island are consistently excellent. Divers heading to the Caribbean should consider...
Apr 14, 2015
Diana White

7 Most Breathtaking Ancient Ruins in Peru

Most Breathtaking Ancient Ruins in PeruPeru is a beautiful country to explore. This fact is attested to by its booming tourism industry, which comes third only to fishing and mining. In fact, the tourism industry of Peru is growing at a faster rate than any of its South American neighbors. Tourists come to see the Peruvian Amazon, to experience the food and culture, to explore the cities, to spend time at beaches, and, of course, to see Peru’s many ancient ruins. Here are 7 of the top, must-see ancient ruins in Peru: 1. Machu Picchu Though Peru has much more to offer than Machu Picchu,...