Oct 9, 2015
Diana White

6 Tricks to Avoid Weight Gain during the Fall Season

Tricks to Avoid Weight Gain during the Fall SeasonWhen the leaves burst into an array of fabulous colors and the crisp fall air leaves us looking for warm, comfortable clothes, we indulge in comfort food and drinks. Hearty soups. Hot chocolate. No one counts calories. Plus Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas are all perfect excuses to forget about healthy eating and weight loss goals. In case you’d put a few pounds, you can easily hide them under oversized sweaters and coats. It’s trendy. It’s comfortable. But, do you need that bulk? As the weather gets chilly, it’s exceedingly important to create a new eating plan that will prevent...
Oct 8, 2015
Jennifer Houston

They Get What They Want: 8 Hidden Truths about Confident Women

Hidden Truths about Confident WomenConfident women are amazing, brave, independent, strong and assertive. They know what they want and get it by all means. Some respect confident women while others run away from them. Anyway, we don’t perceive them the right way. We believe confident women need no support, no comfort and no advice at all. Strong women are not arrogant and self-absorbed, and they were not born confident. They have been working for their confidence and independence for years. They have faced many difficulties and have overcome many challenges while so called ‘strong, lazy’ girls rely on their parents and men and do...
Oct 7, 2015
Diana White

7 Ways to Become a Good Listener and Prepossess People

Ways to Become a Good Listener and Prepossess PeopleCommunication has always played a key role in our lives. It helps us develop, express our points of view, find new opportunities, cognize the surroundings and the essence of human nature. You’ll never reach harmony with the world and people around, until you develop good communication skills, because you’re a part of society. I believe that every human being can master the art of communication, no matter what social position they have. But what does it mean to have good communication skills? People with excellent communication and listening skills should show empathy for others, keep eye contact, treat others with...
Oct 6, 2015
Jennifer Houston

Monster Mouths, Anyone? 8 Ridiculously Spooky Halloween Treats

Ridiculously Spooky Halloween TreatsInstead of going for store-bought Halloween treats that are harmful to kids and adults alike, take a few minutes to make your own creepy snacks that your whole family will love. These treats are perfect for when the sugar craving strikes out of the blue or when you and your hubby want to enjoy some spooky cocktail. Anyway, they are perfect for everyone. Your little goblins or big ones (I mean friends!) will love eating these spooky Halloween treats for lunch as well. Check out 8 ridiculously spooky Halloween treats that are easy to make and amazingly delicious. 1. Pumpkin...
Oct 5, 2015
Jennifer Houston

5 Reasons to Do Plank Exercise and What Mistakes to Avoid

Reasons to Do Plank Exercise and What Mistakes to AvoidPlank exercise doesn’t seem like an effective workout that can bring positive results, if any at all. Many think that this type of exercise is for lazy people who hate running, jogging, jumping and everything that makes us sweat plentifully. Plank exercise, though, isn’t as ineffective as it seems. Oftentimes the simplest thing brings awesome results. If you have never tried the plank exercise before, you may fall into the ​trap of ​thinking that “Hey, I could do it in a matter of a few seconds!” However, holding the plank position takes endurance and strength in your core, back, and...
Oct 2, 2015
Diana White

7 Fantastic Reasons to Date a Libra Girl

Fantastic Reasons to Date a Libra GirlLibra girls are all about loyalty, balance and creativity. They shy away from boring relationships and never forgive cheaters. Honesty is one of the most important things to them. Since Libra women are ruled by Venus – the feminine planet of love and beauty – they want men to love their outer and inner beauty alike. Libra girls respect themselves and can’t stand ill-mannered guys. Dating a Libra woman is all about romance, peace and harmony. Fighting isn’t her cup of tea. She focuses on those little things that others ignore and gets offended when someone doesn’t understand her. If...
Oct 1, 2015
Jennifer Houston

5 Precious Lessons to Learn from True Introverts

Precious Lessons to Learn from True IntrovertsIntroverts are strange, hermits, unfriendly, selfish, unsociable, rude, shy and … this list is endless because no one will ever understand a true nature of an introverted person. All those traits are a false perception of introverts. Introversion isn’t a shameful secret or a character flaw. It’s a gift. Introverted people have less fears, and perceive life differently. Their worldview helps them see more and learn more, instead of just talking. They know what the inner peace is and how to find it. They are not afraid of loneliness and don’t have trouble understanding other people, unlike extroverts. Here’s what...