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Womanitely.com – definitely for women.

Womanitely is a life guide for modern, independent women who strive to live a happy, exciting, adventurous, successful, healthy and long life. You’ll find the best tips, the most unique ideas, the latest trends and the most inspiring words that will help you overcome even the roughest times and hardest live challenges.

Our writers and contributors are always here to let you know how you can save your relationship, handle your boyfriend drama, settle your mother-daughter issues, raise happy and healthy kids, boost your career, adopt an adorable pet, improve your health, drop weight and keep it off, as well as share their travel experiences with you. We’ll teach you to live a more spiritual life and find peace within yourself. You’ll read only true stories and foolproof tips and tricks that we try and test before posting them.

Mission Statement

The major mission of Womanitely is to help women:

  • understand who they truly are;
  • find their emotional strength;
  • feel equal and be proud of themselves regardless of age, skin color and religion;
  • empower each other;
  • speak up;
  • fall in love with themselves and embrace their flaws;
  • develop a healthy career-life balance;
  • enjoy the biggest values;
  • keep their attitude up when life brings them down;
  • focus their energy on gratitude toward what they have;
  • figure out their blessings;
  • build a prosperous financial house;
  • learn new skills;
  • know what they put in their bodies;
  • be brave to take life-altering choices;
  • wipe their slate clean and start all over again;
  • learn some of the most powerful affirmations;
  • feel free of stress, anxiety, and negativity;
  • respect their choices – whether they decide to live a child-free life or stay single for the rest of their life;
  • see the entire forest instead of several trees in any situation;
  • go soul searching and find the most difficult answers within themselves;
  • take responsibility for their actions;
  • be honest with themselves and see both drawbacks and benefits.

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