4. Nanjing Road, Shanghai, China

Once known as Nanking Road, today’s Nanjing Road continues as the most famous shop and market-strewn street in all of China – perhaps even Asia! This one of the most fabulous streets in the world is said to be visited by as many as one million people daily.

As the world’s longest shopping street, Nanking Road is six kilometers (nearly four miles) long and filled with everything from antiques to foodstuffs. There are shops and showrooms of well-known international and Chinese companies, cafes, and restaurants in the neighboring lanes, as well as a lot of all kinds of establishments, both old and new.

Night Nanjing is an impressive sight. This amazing street is flooded with neon light and lit with a rainbow of lights, which presents a picturesque, unforgettable picture. Multi-car mini buses or small road trains run along its pedestrian part, which attract tourists to ride and are a beautiful and colorful addition to the spectacular street landscape.