6. Philosopher’s Walk, Kyôto

Photo credit: pinterest.com

The street starts near Eikan-do Temple and continues north to the Golden Pavilion of the Kinkaku-Ji Temple Complex. It got its name in honor of the professor of philosophy Nishida Kitaro, who walked here every day, immersed in thought.

The Philosopher’s Walk is ideal for a calm, meditative walk. This world’s fabulous street is best to come here during the spring cherry blossom and autumn when the leaves of the Japanese maples growing along the waterfront turn yellow and crimson.

This amazing street also houses Ginkaku-Ji Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition, you can visit the Kumano-Nyakuoji shrine, where there are not many people and a lot of cherry trees, as well as the stunning Kitashirakawa shrine, northwest of the Higashiyama Jisho-Ji. At the end of April, there are also lovely flowers along the canal.