10 World’s Most Livable Cities 2015

Great job opportunities, efficient health care, well-organized public services, good environment and world-class education system make any city livable. Unfortunately, not all the world’s cities are livable. The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) announced the winners of this year. According to the 2015 Global Liveability Ranking, there are 11 most livable cities in the world, but since there’s no sixth, and two cities are tied for tenth, it’s the top 10 list. The ranking considers 30 factors concerning infrastructure, stability, health care, education and environment in 140 cities. Surprisingly, no American city makes the top. Australia and Canada are absolute winners.

1. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne has been ranked the most livable city in the world for the fifth year in a row. The city has low crime rate, great infrastructure and almost perfect living conditions. Moreover, it has one of the most harmonious and culturally diverse communities in the world. People from over 140 nations call Melbourne their homeland or simply choose to live here. With its 10 internationally recognized universities, Melbourne provides world-class education. Melbourne is also a global art city with a great number of incredible galleries and museums. The city provides world-class health care services, which are free for locals and people with permanent visa.


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