6 Awesome Reasons to Add Australia to Your Bucket List

Apr 26, 2017

When you travel, you certainly have places on your bucket list that you aim to see one day. Regardless of where you have been or have not been yet, there is a land down under that you cannot forget about. Vast and beautiful in both nature and culture, Australia is a traveler’s daydream. There is so much to see and do, you will never be bored – no matter where you find yourself in Oz.

1 National parks

For those who loves the great outdoors, Australia has parks that will blow your mind. Whether you like a more civilized setting, like Kings Park in Perth, or are looking for the true Outback feel of the desert, rocks, and sandy mountaintops, you can find it in Australia.

One of the recommended locations is the Flinders Ranges in South Australia or the Pillars in Western Australia. Sydney and Melbourne also have amazing places to trek along the coast, boasting some of the best photo opportunities you may ever have.

2 Wine country

So much of Australia is home to luscious grapes and award-winning wineries. A favorite is the 120-mile stretch of vineyards between Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin in Western Australia, where the Margaret River wineries can be found. You can attend day tours or even stay for a longer length of time to sample seasonal blends and learn about the art of crafting Australian wine.

3 Beaches and surfing

Probably one of the reasons every tourist heads to Australia is for the fantastic beaches and quality waves. Whether you go north, south, east, or west, there is a beach with your name on it.

Sydney is most well-known for the beach community and dazzling blue water, but on the western side, you get to see the Indian Ocean in all its glory. Who knows, if you never surfed before, this may be time to rent a board and give it a whirl.

4 Gorgeous drives

You want to see amazing sights just by driving, biking, or walking around? Go to Australia. Rental cars are fabulously priced, usually around AU$25 a day for a compact car. Once you get your vehicle, either drive around the coastlines from Western Australia – Perth to Adelaide – or do the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. This road is a jaw-droppingly stunning, 150-mile drive that takes you to the Twelve Apostles, a line of limestone cliffs that jut from the Southern Ocean. Absolutely breathtaking.

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5 Wildlife

Koalas, kangaroos, crocodiles, and…quokkas? There are so many indigenous animal species in Australia that you do not even need to go to a zoo. Just head to any of the preserved lands to see wild parrots, egrets, brolgas, jacanas, pelicans, goannas, and much more living in their natural environment. It is such a treat.

Many areas, mainly in the New South Wales, there are places where you can sit with kangaroos and have lunch. Or head to Rottnest Island in Western Australia to see the selfie-loving quokkas. Also, if you ever wanted to swim with a whale shark, you can totally do that in Australia. No, you are not in danger with these gentle giants.

6 Culture

Lastly, the Australian culture, though varied, is such a worthwhile experience. Being here made me realize how friendly and joyful Australians are. There is a lot of pride in their country, but that does not make them arrogant or short-sighted.

Many cultures have converged, including aboriginal culture, and so you get a very worldly experience just walking along the road. It is no surprise to me that Australia is ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world.

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Australia is more than just boomerangs and dingoes. This marvelous country is home to smiling faces, amazing places, and breathtaking experiences. You will not regret a trip or two to Oz, that is for sure. Put this place on your bucket list as soon as possible.