10 Fascinating Destinations for Adventurous Couples

Jan 20, 2017

Traveling the world together is a recipe for lasting memories and endless fun. Wherever you go, the two of you can support one another, experience the same wild events, and enjoy each other’s company. There is nowhere in the world that you cannot conquer as long as you are together. So get your suitcases ready for these perfect destinations for adventurous couples.

1 Corfu, Ionian Islands, Greece

Looking simply to destress together? Look no further than the silken sands of the beaches of Corfu Town and Paleokastritsa, a resort and monastic village all in one. You could spend all day just lounging and gazing into the distance that is sure to either be unmatched horizon or hills dotted with mansions and palaces.

Of course, there is more to the Ionian Islands than beaches. There are historical attractions like Gardiki Castle, the Achillion Palace, and the Palaio Frourio (Old Fort) to explore. If you two are thrill seekers, head to the water park called Aqualand, where innovation meets waterslides.

2 Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan

Tokyo is not the sole destination for travelers for Japan. If you are looking for a romantic getaway, there is one place that comes to mind: the capital of Ishikawa Prefecture, Kanazawa. This area is set within the mountains, meaning that throughout the year, the air is cooler than some more southern cities. Spring and autumn paint Kanazawa in a scintillating palette that heightens the already romantic atmosphere.

There are traditional gardens to visit, hiking, natural hot springs (onsen), couple-only Japanese ryokan (traditional hotels), hundreds of excursions to choose from, like learning how to make Japanese-style arts and crafts or exploring historical locations like Higashi Chayamachi and Kanazawa Castle Park, and delicious Japanese cuisine to eat.

3 Belize

There is a number of reasons to check out this Central American country – and not just because of the Caribbean blue waters, white sands, clear skies, palm trees, and ridiculously affordable all-inclusive packages at couple-only resorts. Belize is one of the only countries in this part of the world where English is the official language so you will not have to worry about a language barrier.

There are fascinating animals and insects all around, including some native butterflies that are some of the most beautiful in the world. In fact, more than 400 species of fish live in Belize’s Barrier Reef.

That means you have endless options for swimming, surfing, scuba diving or snorkeling together then laying out on the beach to watch the sunset in places like Caye Caulker and Ambergis Caye. There are also the ruins of Xunatunich and Lamanai to explore.

4 Selfoss, Iceland

The extravagant luxury that you do not find in Selfoss, Iceland is returned to you in natural sights that are so indescribable that even photographs do not do them justice. Selfoss is a place of blazing sunsets and sunrises, sheets of crackling ice floes that shimmer in the sun, roaring waterfalls, and carpets of emerald lawn.

There is a geyser near Haukadalsvegur that launches water up to 30 meters (98 feet), a volcanic crater called the Kerid that has become a turquoise blue lake, and prison that was remade into a guest house. Imagine just standing on the edge of the river Olfusa and taking this all in together. For the couples that value quality time in a peaceful land, far from the congestion of fellow tourists, Selfoss is the perfect place.

5 Thailand

People who travel to Thailand claim that there is so much to see it will take you years to visit everything. Couples who seek exotic locations that range from mountains to beaches like Koh Lanta, bustling floating marketplaces (boat ride, anyone?) to historical sites, Thailand has it all and much, much more.

For the adventurous couples that loves exploring and photography, Ayutthaya National Park has ancient temples, shrines, and Buddha statues. Since it is one hour outside of Bangkok, you can return to the city for its engaging nightlife and fabulous food finds. Other places that will make adventurous couples swoon include the Golden Palace of Bangkok, Wat Rong Khun, and Bo Sang Umbrella Village.

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6 New Zealand

Another location that has everything to make wanderlust-filled couples wistful is New Zealand. Especially if you are both nerds for the Lord of the Rings Series, because you can visit the Hobbiton movie set. Be sure to stay in Queenstown, where you will feel like traveling royalty.

There is the Remarkables mountain range to view from the hotel window or while skiing, rafting, biking, hiking, and bungee jumping. Of course, Queenstown is also for those who want to relax together. Enjoy the wide selection of spas, alfresco dining opportunities, and exhilarating nightlife.

7 Riviera Maya, Mexico

Water-sport loving couples will enjoy what Riviera Maya has: the world’s second largest reef system. Additionally, if you two go to the beach at Akumal at the right time, you might be lucky enough to see a baby sea turtles hatch. For adventures that delve into archaeology, head over to the Xcaret Park, where there are cultural excursions, Mayan ruins, and one of the biggest Day of the Dead festivals in Mexico.

Once you are done exploring, the two of you can revel in the atmosphere of Playa del Carmen, where nightlife is both sophisticated but enchanting. Shows are a par with Las Vegas glitz and Broadway zeal.

8 Fiji

If just looking at a Fiji photo slideshow makes you bubble with excitement, then getting there will make you explode. But in a good way. Here is why: Fiji is beautiful in two ways. The scenery cannot be matched, and you will feel as if you have stepped into one of those island calendars. Second, the people are probably some of the most welcoming and affable in the world.

Couples who love not only spending time with each other but meeting incredible people will be enthralled by Fiji customs. From drinking kava at the local watering hole to relaxing at a lily pond or orchid resort, watching fire-walking in Beqa, or swimming at waterfalls, Fiji is ineffable.

9 Lofoten Islands, Norway

Norway is certainly off the beaten path, and you might think there is not much here to see. However, you would be forgetting Lofoten Islands, a place in Norway with mild temperatures, rocky mountains, plunging valleys, fjords, and cliffs. Wildlife offers some of the many stunning views.

For example, you can watch migrating killer whales or spot colonies of puffin birds from the Skomvaer Lighthouse. In the summer, the Lofoten Islands have beaches, kayaking, hiking (especially around Trollfjord), camping, and the opportunity to lay on a blanket and watch the Northern Lights dance across a gleaming, starry sky.

10 Machu Picchu, Peru

Laying hidden in the misty mountaintops of Peru, through a vast sylvan world, is the lost city of Machu Picchu. Nothing says “adventure” like tackling a jungle side-by-side with the one you love to find a legendary city. It is recommended to stay in the town known as Aguas Calientes, where there is a range of budget and luxury hotels to put you within close proximity to the Inca Trail and the ruins.

That way, you two can spend hours venturing along the trails (Inca Trail, Cusco Trek, and others), climbing the craggy slopes, investigating the various temples and Intipata, playing with llamas, and snapping a bunch of photos with the famous Huayna Picchu peak in the background. Once you are done there, see what else Peru has to offer, like the Amazon Rainforest or the Floating Islands of Lake Titicaca.

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Adventurous couples that play abroad are ensured remarkable stories to tell the family when they arrive back home. Enjoy every moment of these travels together in this romantic and beautiful locations found throughout the world.