9 Places to Go for Valentine’s Day Regardless of Your Relationship Status

Valentine’s Day might be a day when couples and PDA reign supreme, but that does not mean those who are without a lover to send roses are out of luck. Valentine’s Day is, after all, supposed to be a celebration of pure love, so why not love yourself and go on a vacation? Whether you are in a relationship or seeking some self-love, here are travel destinations for you to go on Valentine’s Day:

1 Santorini, Greece

Ranked one of the most romantic places on the planet, Santorini is a safe destination for solo travelers and couples alike. There is so much to see from the azure seas and bright skies, the swathes of green, all the way to the rim of an ancient volcanic crater. Candlelight dinners, walks on the beaches, or watching the sunset from the remnants of a Byzantine castle are all things that can be enjoyed, together or alone.

2 Key West, The Florida Keys

A popular location for lovers, honeymooners, and those even seeking a taste of romance, the Florida Keys thrive off Miami nights and island days. The sheer volume of attractions and excursions available make Key West a destination for anyone’s bucket list.

Try snorkeling, diving, sailing, surfing, and more. Couples can even enjoy special deals at various hotels, especially around Valentine’s Day. Some places, like the Hawks Cay Resort, have packages that include chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne.

3 Kauai, Hawaii

Expensive? Yes. Worth every moment? Definitely yes. Hawaii might be at the top end of your vacation budget if you are single, but when you have the chance to walk the calendar-worthy beaches, discover hidden alcoves, dive into tranquil pools, and bathe beneath waterfalls, why pass up the chance? Make Kauai your destination and smell those tropical flowers. Or, you can take a hula lesson and learn how to shake what yo’ momma gave you.

4 Paris, France

While it might be a little cliché, Paris is indeed the city of romance, and no list would be complete without it. Whether you are alone or going as a couple, heterosexual or LGBTQ, you are free to love and find love.

There are dozens of romantic attractions, such as the Eiffel Tower, moonlit strolls along the Seine River, authentic eateries serving up chocolate fondue, and even boudoir (and Moulin Rouge) shows to watch. Why not heat things up and dance the night away in the Latin Quarter?

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5 New York City, New York

Sure, the honking of car horns and chilly winds of the Big Apple might not seem like the place for stoking the fires of love – but you would be wrong. NYC is actually in love with Valentine’s Day, and there is even a chocolate and wine-tasting event at Wave Hill on the 14th.

Other attractions, like the Hayden Planetarium and Bronx Zoo, have special events for couples. Those who are single can spoil themselves with bar-hopping, clubbing, shopping, theater, and much more here.

6 Melbourne, Australia

On the 14th of February in Australia‘s southern capital, there are very adventurous ways to celebrate your love. For example, you can take a hot air balloon ride over the city, do the Cupid’s Undie Run for charity, go kayaking or canoeing along the Yarra River, or simply settle down for a picnic at the Rippon Lea Estate or Royal Botanic Gardens. Since Melbourne is also safe for solo travelers, why not join up with the locals and take on the outback together?

7 Prague, Czech Republic

For those who seek out fairy tales and picturesque scenery, Prague is the place for you. Imagine the red-tiled roofs, spires of castles and churches, and bridges lined with gas lamps peeking through the morning fog as the scent of freshly baked pastries wafts through the air.

That is what awaits you in this wondrous city. For couples, there are boat tours that take you along the Old Town canals. For singles, you can walk the heart of Prague then settle down for people watching while enjoying some al fresco dining.

8 Rome, Italy

Love is special to Italians and has been a highlight of the Eternal City for nearly as long as Rome has stood. The piazzas, with their fountains and gorgeous settings, are perfect for stealing a kiss. Even if you are alone, the energy of Rome, paired with the sunsets, terraces, wine, and friendly people make for a truly remarkable experience. You certainly will not feel like you are backpacking through Rome alone!

9 London, UK

One of the reasons London is for lovers and those seeking love would be the history, attractions, and for those who are LGBT, Soho, one of the most hopping gay districts in all of Europe. Aside from award-winning dinner options, London knows how to set the mood with cloudy skies, incandescent nights, and a movie-like setting. Whether you are walking the streets alone or with your companion, London is full of wonders to discover.

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Valentine’s Day does not have to be solely for those who have a significant other. Valentine’s Day is all about love, so give love to others and to yourself this year. Go traveling.

See new horizons. Make new relationships or strengthen the one that you currently have at any one of these cities where anyone can have a memorable Valentine’s Day.