10 Unusual Valentine’s Day Gifts He Will Love

Jan 20, 2017

When Valentine’s Day comes around it can be simultaneously lovely and stressful. While it is great to show your loved one that you care for him, it is also a time to make sure you have got the perfect gift. Rather than stressing yourself out about buying the perfect gift, opt for one of these unusual gift options that he will certainly love.

1 Hidden Message Collar Stays

You know the pointy white things that go into a collared shirt? Rather than getting him some boring, plain ones, instead get some designed that have messages on them. Anything from “You can do it!” to “Lots of love.” You can get whatever you like.

2 I Love You Bean

These houseplants actually have a beansprout that says, “I love you” on it. It is a wonderful decoration for his home and it shows how much you care. The great news is that you can grow your own I Love You Bean plant.

3 Reclaimed Ballpark Cufflinks

Rather than getting him normal cufflinks, opt for these that are made from the salvaged seats of stadiums from around the country. If he is a sport lover, these will be a big hit.

4 A Subscription to Winc, Formerly Club W

A subscription to get wine every month? If your guy is a big wine lover than this will be a gift he will be ecstatic about. Get incredible discounts on some of the best wine in the world and get it delivered directly to your doorstep.

5 Giant Square Ice Cubes

If you have ever seen those giant square ice cubes in fancy drinks like scotch, you will know that they are pretty awesome. Get your guy one of the ice cube trays so he can make his own giant square ice cubes for nights when he just wants to kick back, relax and feel classy.

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6 DIY It

Rather than getting him something run of mill, choose to make him something that is meaningful to you both. It does not matter what it is, as long as it means something to you guy. There are tons of options, so stop being lazy and start creating. You still have time.

7 UE Boom 2

Ready to splurge this Valentine’s Day? Get him the speaker that can do it all. Be submerged in water, dropped and connect to any device with Bluetooth. Although it is rather a pricey gift, I am sure he deserves it, does he?

8 Popsocket

These handy little devices attach to the bag of anything, phone, tablet, etc. and can be used to prop it up at just the right angle. For a guy who watches a lot of stuff on his mobile, this is a great option.

9 Personalized Whisky Barrel

Although not cheap, you can get a whiskey barrel that says whatever you want on it. You can get his name and your name, just his name and the rest of whiskey branding. This novel item will surely be a hit.

10 Bluetooth Tracking Device

If he loses his keys or glasses or anything with frequency, then a Bluetooth tracking device like Tile or Bluetooth Tracking will be immensely useful to him. The gift is not cheap, so make sure you have at least $50 in your wallet when shopping around.

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These ten Valentine’s Day gift ideas are sure to surprise him and please him because they are not your usual run of the mill socks, scarves or watch. Plus, not every girl will gift her significant other such a gift. Have you already chosen the perfect gift for your Valentine?