7 Reasons Dating Yourself on Valentine’s Day Is Actually Great

Apr 14, 2016

Going on a coffee or romantic date with yourself is one of the best things you can do on Valentine’s Day. Instead of waiting for someone in your life to buy you flowers, chocolate or ring, take you to dinner, or totally surprise you by cooking your favorite meal, do all these things yourself. You are not crazy. And you are definitely not Carrie Bradshaw.

Why do single people have to suffer on February 14 while the couples have fun and celebrate love? Just because you are single, does not mean you are not loved. While it is tempting to stay home with that dirty hair, unshaven legs and miserable face, why not go on a date with yourself? When other ideas fail, this one is just what you need to try tomorrow.

1 Honor yourself

We typically honor our significant others on Valentine’s Day, forgetting to celebrate ourselves. When you are single on V-Day, there is many more incredible ways to honor yourself than you think. Spend this day focusing on yourself only. What are your deep feelings? What are your positive traits? Forget others, celebrate yourself.

2 Fun day

Mascara-stained tears are not popular anymore, girls. Smile and laugh are 2 things that both singles and those in relationships must enjoy. Spending the most romantic day of the year alone, crying, moaning and feeling depressed while eating ice cream, pizza or chocolate cupcakes, is the most miserable thing you can do on February 14.

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, you probably never have time to show love to yourself. Valentine’s Day is here to remind you that you should honor love with yourself first. Cook a romantic dinner for yourself, prepare a bubble bath for yourself and buy a gorgeous dress or heels for yourself. You deserve it all.

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3 Peaceful day

There are so many couples that spend this romantic day fighting over the things that you cannot even think about. When you date yourself, jealousy, horrible friends, gift fights and a drunk guy do not bother you. You spend this day being in harmony with yourself. Switch off the phone, ditch the social media and enjoy the day loving yourself only.

4 Look gorgeous

The sad truth is the majority of girls dress to impress others. When you have no one around you, it is tempting to spend all day not wearing pants, shirt and bra with messy hair and no make up. Take a shower, shave your legs, do your hair, rock your best dress, and create a killer makeup. Do it for yourself. You deserve to look gorgeous on Valentine’s Day too.

5 Splurge on yourself

While other girls are looking for the best ways to save on Valentine’s Day gifts for their significant others, all those saving hacks do not concern you, right? Rather than spending your hard-earned money on something that you will not see and use in the future (okay, this sounds selfish, but true) spend those bucks on the thing that will make your day.

6 Make your own rules on this day

When you are spending Valentine’s Day with your boyfriend or husband, you have to do something that is satisfying to you two, which can be a true burden. When you are single, though, you can do whatever you want to do. Put on your cozy pajama and enjoy the freedom of eating, dancing, singing and doing anything that will boost your mood.

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7 You are not with a wrong person

Many girls desperately jump into relationships right before Valentine’s Day just because they are afraid to celebrate the day of love alone. They end up being in wrong relationships with wrong guys that hurt their dignity and feelings. Be grateful for being alone on February 14. No one will dare to hurt you.

The next time your friend or annoying coworker that knows that you are single will ask you about your plans for Valentine’s Day, feel free to tell them that you are going to celebrate the day of love with yourself. Forget the stereotypes and create your own ones instead. Let us know how you honor yourself on February 14.