8 Unusual Ways to Skip Valentine’s Day

Oct 25, 2022

9Although I don’t like to recommend people to skip Valentine’s Day, I do realize many of us are not going to celebrate the day of love this year. Gone are the days of celebrating Valentine’s Day with sweethearts, or even celebrating this holiday at all. It’s an ordinary day when you can accomplish many important tasks, have a spa day at home or simply watch your favorite shows. If you have a few friends who also want to skip Valentine’s Day, you can have lots of fun together. Check out a few unusual ways to skip Valentine’s Day and pick your favorite one.

1 Unplug

First of all, switch off your phone and avoid social media. I don’t recommend watching TV as well. The thing is, Valentine’s Day is highly overrated and commercialized these days. Save your money, your nerves and your time on February 14. It’s a good idea to have some me time without anyone disturbing you. Last year my sister decided to skip Valentine’s Day. She had a happy day until her toxic friend called her and told her about her romantic dinner and details about her romantic night and then she said she’s so sorry that my sister’s so lonely on Valentine’s Day. In fact, my sister didn’t feel lonely and she really enjoyed her day, but that phone call spoiled the whole evening. Don’t let anyone hurt your feelings, switch off your phone and enjoy the day of love to the fullest! Don’t forget to invite your single friends, if they want to skip Valentine’s Day as well.

2 Start learning a new language

One of the most useful yet unusual ways to spend Valentine’s Day is to start learning a new language. Yes, spending the whole day in front of your laptop or TV is a tempting idea, but why not do something more useful. People who know and speak at least two foreign languages are well-rounded. They have more opportunities to travel, make more new friends and understand other people and their cultures, because when you learn a new language, you learn a new culture.

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3 Watch some travel shows

Whether you are a travel junkie or just want to know more about other countries in the world, spend your day watching some travel shows. You will learn many interesting, useful and surprising facts while relaxing at home. One of the things I love about travel shows is that they show us how people live around the world, what they eat, their hobbies and their traditions. It can help you realize how happy and lucky you are to live in your country, or maybe you will choose a place you want to visit or move to.

4 Read an inspirational book

If you are fond of reading, this may be a good way to skip Valentine’s Day. I don’t recommend reading romance books. Look for some inspirational books like the Seasons of Life by Jim Rohn. I believe in the power of books. I believe that they can change our lives. Sure, one book won’t make you happier and more successful, but you can learn some useful things from inspirational books and make some changes in your life.

5 Cook your favorite meals

Do you remember when was the last time you cooked your favorite meals? Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to treat yourself to something delicious. Spend your day cooking your favorite and new meals and then enjoy them while watching a travel show or reading a book. Don’t be afraid of calories. You can burn them off the next day.

6 Play with your pet

Your pet won’t tell you how lonely you are on Valentine’s Day and he doesn’t care that you don’t have money for expensive gifts. Your little friend will help you forget about this day and will teach you how to love unconditionally. We live in a world where money is a must-have if you want to have many friends or even a partner. My coworker gives her hard-earned money to her boyfriend every month, otherwise he will leave her. I don’t understand her and I don’t understand this type of love. I think it’s better to be alone or with a pet on Valentine’s Day than with a partner who doesn’t love you if you have no money.

7 Declutter your home and life

Valentine’s Day is also a great time to declutter your home and entire life. Not only will you forget about the day of love, you will clean your home, clear your mind and find out what you really want to do in life. Instead of moaning about your loneliness, do something useful to improve your life.

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8 Do some crazy things

If you have nothing to do on Valentine’s Day, why not do some crazy things? Dancing to music, experimenting with makeup and clothing, painting, singing, jumping and moving around all the furniture in your house (if it’s not too heavy) are all fun options to consider. Laugh and smile as more as you can to feel better, look gorgeous and live longer.

So, there you have it! Some of the best ways to skip Valentine’s Day. There are many other ways to do it, so feel free to share your ideas with us. Remember, you live once, so don’t spend any second moaning about a boring, lonely life. Valentine’s Day reminds all the single people that they are lonely, but it’s easy to skip this reminder and have some fun while others have romantic dinners.