5 Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy on Valentine’s Day

Oct 26, 2022

As a parent, you can’t tell your little one, ‘Leave me alone I want to celebrate Valentine’s Day.’ You should find some interesting activities that will keep them busy all day long. Playing board games or computer games, watching TV, playing outdoors or reading books are all great options to consider. But, it’s Valentine’s Day and it’s not only for you and your husband. Your children deserve to celebrate the day of love too. With these 5 kid-friendly Valentine’s Day activities you will keep your little ones busy and happy, and they will remember this holiday forever!

1 Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt

Children love scavenger hunts, so why not have a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt? You don’t need to go overbroad with the items your kids should find. It can be something as simple as heart cut-outs, candy or toys. Hide them all over the house and ask your little one to find those items. They can spend hours looking for them and you will have more time for cooking a romantic dinner.

2 Eco-friendly Valentine’s Day bottle

This activity is cheap and interesting for the whole family. Take a clear plastic water bottle and decorate it with valentine stickers and glitter. Give your children many small pieces of paper and a stack of colored construction paper, and ask them to write as many secret valentine messages as possible. Then ask them to cut out as many red, white, pink and any color their like hearts for decoration. Place all those heart cut-outs and secret messages in a bottle, and voila! An eco-friendly Valentine’s Day bottle is ready! You can read all those secret valentine messages in the evening, next day or next Valentine’s Day.

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3 DIY valentines for all family members and friends

Instead of spending money on expensive valentines, ask your children to make their own ones. If you have a big family and many relatives and if your children have many friends, buying Valentine’s Day greeting cards for everyone can seriously wreck your family budget. Let your kids help you celebrate a day of love on a budget. Most children enjoy crafting and crafting with children is all about experimenting and having lots of fun! You can also make some valentines for homeless people and orphans.

4 Valentine’s Day puzzles

There are many Valentine’s Day puzzles online that you can print and give your kids. Opt for mazes, words sudoku, or counting puzzles. If your children don’t love puzzles, then you can print some Valentine’s Day coloring cards and pages, or Valentine’s Day worksheets and crafts to keep them busy for hours. Moreover, these activities will help to keep your children’s brains healthy and sharp.

5 Perform a play

Ask your children to perform a romantic play on Valentine’s Day. They will need the entire day to make decorations for it, decorate their room and rehearse their play. You can invite your parents and friends to watch a romantic play together. If your kids don’t want to perform a play, maybe they will want to sing their favorite songs for you, find it out. Save on entertainment this Valentine’s Day, listen to your children’s concerts!

Valentine’s Day is a family-friendly holiday as well. If you have children, you can’t forget about them. But you can make your day easier by keeping your little ones busy all day long. Apart from these kid-friendly Valentine’s Day activities, they can play card games, hide-and-seek, and make their own Valentine’s Day gifts. Just point them in the right directions and they won’t bother you. Do you have a way to keep kids busy on Valentine’s Day? Let me know your creative ideas!