St. Valentine’s Day is the Time of Magic Moments

St. Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day when you can speak about love, do romantic deeds and don’t fear that others would think that you’re crazy. On February 14 people from all over the world have an opportunity to express their feelings and share their love with loved ones, exchange flowers and valentines with family members and dear friends. This day you can easily start a new relationship or apologize to the person you adore and make an attempt to open a new page in the book of your love.

Nowadays some people prefer to ignore this holiday and find it pointless. I think that these people either have no one to love or the pain in their hearts still doesn’t let them fall in love again. When I was single I followed the same path. I found it easier to forget about this day, because I didn’t want to plunge into a deep depression. Last year just before Valentine’s Day I had found a man of my dreams. Thousand kisses, flowers and nocturnal sally in a search of romance proved me that St. Valentine’s Day is really the time of magic moments.

Today modern society is sick and tired of celebrating this day in a traditional way. I know that making miracles is a challenging thing, but you should remember that only extremely special and extraordinary things can win the affection of your loved one. All you have to do is prepare for this day in advance. Preparation for various entertaining activities can take a lot of time and effort. Read on to learn something new and interesting about this holiday. I hope my experiences and pieces of advice will help you make Valentine’s Day unforgettable and sentimental.

Create a love story video

Nowadays you don’t have to be a famous producer or have special education or skills to make a small love story video about your big and pure love. There’re many computer programs which can help you create a video or presentation with photos, videos and music. Step by step you will create a real masterpiece. I’ve already created a love story film about my loved one. I’ve added our photos and videos full of funny and happy life moments. I want this film to touch him deeply and let him understand that our love is the greatest treasure that fills our hearts with kindness, beauty and hope. This gift is very creative, touching and inexpensive. I’m sure that your significant other will be absolutely satisfied, because men like when women put hearts and souls into presents they make.

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St. Valentine’s hater party

When I was a student, I could hardly find time to sleep. Busy schedule and work made me forget about my personal life. Every year millions of people celebrate St. Valentine’s Day with smiles on their faces. I saw happy couples kissing and walking along the streets. It was hard to control emotions and overcome envy, despair and other negative feelings in my heart. It seemed to me that I was the only single person in the world.

I decided to gather my friends who were single as well, and we started a new tradition. We organized a St. Valentine’s Hater Party on February 14 each year. That event was not less interesting and captivating than the parties of sweet lovers. Everyone brought the photos of their ex partners. At the end of the party we slashed those photos in order to release our minds from pain, broken promises and past memories. If you also want to organize such a party this year, then try to select activities that will improve your holiday spirit and help you celebrate this day with a smile on your face.

Try to make somebody happy

There’s another noble way to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day if you’re single and broken-hearted. This day is a nice chance to make people happy without waiting for something in return. You can buy dozens of valentines and write down the phrase “Somebody Loves You” in them. Send these anonymous messengers of love to all single people you know. There’s nothing better in this world than knowing that someone loves you. This cheap valentine card can, once and for all, change the lives of these people for better and give them a sign to look around and find their love. Moreover, you can make other pleasant and unexpected surprises. Buy a huge, but inexpensive bunch of flowers and give this beautiful gift to a stranger. I’m sure that this delightful act of kindness will make somebody the happiest person in the world.

Share your love with dearest and nearest

Why do many people still think love can be only between a man and a woman? Your parents, friends, kids, brothers and sisters are those ones who love you wholeheartedly. These people are always ready to give a helping hand or support, if necessary. If you’re not single, you shouldn’t forget to congratulate your dearest and nearest on Valentine’s Day. Even simple valentines can make them happy, but if you want to prepare something special for your family, then try to bake a sweetheart cherry pie and decorate it with small hearts or stars. Don’t forget about best friends, because they’re a significant part of your family as well. You should find time to express your love and gratitude to them too. Plus you can hang out and experience new adventures together.

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Write a letter

Have you ever tried to write a love letter to the person you love? This is the most unique and intimate way to prove your significant other that you’re deeply in love with them. You can stick to common samples and instructions to write a good love letter. But I think that it would be better if you wrote it right from the heart and made a declaration of love. Don’t forget to describe your feelings, emotions and express your hidden passion. I must confess that it’s extremely pleasant to read warm words and compliments written by the dearest person in your life. If you’re talented and gifted in writing poems, you may add a short poem to your love letter. People who have wonderful drawing skills can draw a picture of their loved one and put them into love letters.

St. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. You have less than a month to prepare for its celebration. Open your eyes and realize that love is everywhere. It’s like a leading light that helps people find the right way. Even broken hearted people celebrate this day in a funny way. Do your best to fill this day with positive emotions, adventures and bright colors. Don’t forget to take photographs of these magic moments. A bit later, you’ll be able to watch these photos with your kids and grandchildren. What does St. Valentine’s Day mean to you? Do you have any other interesting ideas on how to celebrate it this year? We’d like to know your point of view! Share your experiences!