5 Unique Ways to Spice Up This Valentine’s Day

Jan 9, 2018

Valentine’s Day is an exciting time of the year. You get to spend quality time with that special one who means a lot to you, so obviously you want to spice up this special day. Not to worry, here are five amazing ways to spruce up your Valentine’s Day this year.

1 Wake up differently

Maybe he saw you a night before dressed in large, ugly pyjamas, who cares? Just make sure that on the morning of Valentine’s Day, you have somehow managed to transform yourself into something sexy. You can boost the mood by playing a sweet melodious song and waking him up with a soft nuzzle on his neck.

2 Create a video mash

You know those pictures you have of you and him? Those pictures you can’t help but smile at every time you look at it? Yeah, those pictures put the most memorable of them in a video with a beautiful love song as the back ground music and some love notes in between, telling him why you love him. Send this to him and watch his heart melt.

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3 Consider unusual candle light dinner

This might seem like a cliché but a candle light dinner has been saving lives for centuries. Ask your grandfather. This always works, like all the time. But you can’t keep serving the same candle light dinner all the time, so this is what you have to do.

The candle light dinner should be in your house preferably, have petals on the floor with lots of scented candles as the only source of light. Now, here is an amazing part – dress up as the sexiest waitress you can think of and serve him all evening. This, right here is a life saver.

4 Up your gift game

You have to put some thoughts into your gift giving. No more boxers or singlets. No more packet shirts and hair brushes. No more wrist watches and perfumes. These gifts are good, but it just gets boring when you keep giving someone the same kind of gifts all the time.

Think along the lines of what he really loves and get it for him. For instance, have a list of all his favorite songs and gift him a new iPod with this list. Does he love dancing? Buy him a good “dancing shoe” and take him dancing. Just give him gifts along the lines of what he loves.

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5 Pay him a surprise visit

He might be at work or in a different state on Valentine’s Day. Get your hair done, your nails done, wear your most beautiful outfit, look extremely gorgeous, and pay him a surprise visit.

Find out his schedule at work to know the appropriate time to pay him a visit. Treat him to a good lunch. Yes, a good lunch but make sure to leave hints that would make him anticipate whatever you have planned for the evening.

Try these five simple tips this Valentine’s Day and watch your romantic evening hit the stars. Remember, you do not need a lot of money to make him feel special.