Your Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts Based on the Zodiac Sign

A box of chocolates and roses again? Mon amour, that is certainly not the best way to show affection this Valentine’s Day. Every zodiac sign is different, and so you cannot expect every single person to want candy, can you? Of course, there is one thing that most people expect on Valentine’s Day and that is love. Take that however you wish. But for the other hours left in the day, you need gifts that speak to them on the celestial level.


Innovation and novelty is one of the things that make Aries excited. Consider something dynamic, unexpected, and totally attuned to Aries’ interests. No, I am not talking about blindfolds and candlewax (though that is an option). What I am actually hinting at is getting your Aries tickets to some major sporting game, concert, or weekend trip tickets to some crazy excursion, like surfing lessons in Cozumel. Aries will be overjoyed.


Despite knowing how to deal with finances, Taurus is not a tight-fisted sign. Nor do they deny themselves some simple luxuries throughout the year. So, while you might be tempted to do something totally extravagant for your precious bull, consider the opposite.

Take it down a notch and stroke a slow burn. Purchase some candles and a fine bottle of bubbly, whip up a dinner for two, then give them a sensual massage with some essential oils.


Because of Gemini’s split personality, buying for them is difficult. You never know which hint to take literally, or if they are being circuitous about their needs. One thing that pleases both sides of Gemini, though, is social events.

Bring them out to a poetry reading, art gallery, or museum exhibition and hand them a camera. Take pictures of one another in that artsy setting. Then when you get back to the bedroom, turn up the temperature with some boudoir.


Due to the fact that Cancer is a total homebody who loves lounging around in their PJs, the obvious gift is more PJs, right? Wrong. If you want to show your Cancer lad or lass how much you care, you need to think outside the box.

Try nurturing them for once. Get up early and make a bouquet of garden fresh herbs, a homemade breakfast, and a heartfelt letter of thanks. Cancer, after all, savors these little moments more than any material gift.


Glamour and pizzazz are part of Leo’s soul. You cannot separate the limelight from the Leo, and that rule applies even to their idea of Valentine’s Day. More so than any other sign of the zodiac sign, they want to eat from the finest silver platters. Consider opting for a slightly more expensive dinner for two in a romantic setting.

Male or female, your Leo will be purring contentedly as they take in the fine flavors, the view, and of course, your dressed up self. To top it off, present to them chocolate body paint when you get back home.

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No one is harder to buy for on Valentine’s Day than chilly zodiac sign known as Virgo. They will not say much about Valentine’s Day or how they honestly feel about it; but do not take that downplayed interest as being full disinterest. Virgo, being the warm heart that they are, is secretly vying for your attention.

So prove just how much you listen to Virgo and value their intelligence by finding the first edition of their favorite book or any book that satisfies their hunger for knowledge. Later, they will return the favor.


Trying to figure out how to bring your Libra into equilibrium on Valentine’s Day means taking initiative, because they will be more confused about their desires than ever before. Being social, Libra does not know how to focus on their needs that well.

Sometimes you have to take the lead. By that, I mean sign the two of you up for some Latin ballroom dancing classes. It is a great way to have fun, be active, social, and sensual all at once.


For the intense passion of Scorpio, meeting their expectations for Valentine’s Day might be a bit intimidating. Never fear. On this holiday, Scorpio values honesty and the little things more than any other day. So often does Scorpio hold rage in their heart that they confuse it with drive.

Replace that with a day or weekend out, touring the countryside, tasting food and wine (or beer) together, then topping the night off with some fireworks or nighttime views. Make memories that Scorpio can look back on fondly.


The jovial Sagittarius not only makes them a fantastic companion, they are also understanding and appreciate effort, no matter how big or small. That is why, to win your fair Archer’s heart, figure out their favorite baked good or dessert and bring out your inner patisserie. Another option is to sign the two of you up for a cooking class, then unveil your dessert upon arriving back at your place.


Sensibility and penny-pinching can sometimes make Capricorn uptight about spending on Valentine’s Day. All the balloons and stuffed animals are not on the needs list, and so they rarely get excited over that.

That is why one of the best gifts for this zodiac sign is something pre-paid. Consider a gift certificate to their favorite clothing store, a professional massage, Zumba classes, or a dinner. They will appreciate it.

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Due to the carefree and zen mind of Aquarius, they are probably the one sign that honestly expects nothing and will not mind if the gift is a single red rose. However, that does not mean you can forego getting your lovely Aquarius something to show how much you care.

Figure out what truly makes Aquarius smile. It is usually something creative, like writing, singing, painting, or dancing, and give them something for that, like new colored pens or musical accompaniment to improvised song or dance.


Deeply connected to their emotions, the fish of the zodiac sign love every part of this romantic holiday. They are not afraid to express how much they care, so you do not have to hold back either. Still, if you are looking to make a splash, try a Valentine’s Day photo booth or professional photography shoot. When the photos develop, make them into a storybook complete with “I love you” and a bazillion little hearts everywhere.

Who knew that the stars could even influence which kind of Valentine’s Day gift is ideal for you and your partner? Use the Zodiac as your inspiration, and channel the celestial power of love and passion this year.