The Unedited Confession About My Most Romantic Valentine’s Day

Jan 6, 2017

Would the most romantic Valentine’s Day you could imagine be an explosion of hearts and flowers? Perhaps this would be it, if hearts and flowers were your thing. But what if that is just not your thing?

Well, then I believe the most romantic Valentine’s Day would be one that honors who you and your partner really are. We do not need to fit into a prescriptive mold and do what everyone else seems to be doing on February 14th, unless we actually want to be doing that, of course.

My most romantic day

Personally, I am not very ‘romantic’ in the traditional sense of the word. And luckily, my partner and I have that in common. We are both introverted and neither big drinkers nor big spenders. Our favorite nights out include burgers and sci-fi movies. Come to think of it, our favorite nights in are much the same.

My most romantic Valentine’s Day was my last one. I got in from work and was greeted with flowers, as these are a tradition that I really like. Come to think of it, I really like to get flowers on any day of the year.

We spent the evening on our own being awesome sci-fi nerds and not talking to anyone else. To me, that was so romantic because it honored us and who we are as people. And above all, we were able to relax and unwind, spending our energy on having fun, not on dodging crowds and chasing down taxis.

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The full-on traditional experience

In the past, I have been taken to restaurants and shown the full-on traditional ‘Valentine’s Day’ experience. And not wanting to sound ungrateful, it was actually a bit overwhelming. It may well have come from the best of intentions, but ultimately it just showed that my date and I were not well matched. A partner who knew me really well would not take me somewhere crowded because it is just not my thing.

The flip side

On the flip side, I can imagine that if I were a traditional romantic, then a movie at home instead of being wined and dined would be disappointing. I know there are lots of women who love to get dressed up, go to a popular restaurant and be showed off. And that is completely cool; each to her own.

I think the key thing to enjoying your Valentine’s Day is to do what suits you and your partner. You do not have to follow tradition. I think the happiest couples are the ones who know each other well and enjoy the same things. If you both love doing the same thing, and that thing happens to be laser tag or indoor carting, then why not have a Valentine’s Day doing just that?

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Whatever you decide to do for February 14th this year, just make sure it makes both you and your date happy. And if you are single this year, then why not just do something all for yourself. Anything you like! It is a day to be enjoyed, and we could all do with a little more joy, so go for it.