10 Life-Altering Opportunities You Should Not Miss

As we are now into a fresh New Year we will be on high alert for new opportunities to fulfill our promises to ourselves. And I think this is a really good thing. After all, this is not a dress rehearsal. We get one shot at our lives, so spotting opportunities and making them count is so important. Here are ten life-altering opportunities that I encourage you to grab with both hands.

1 An offer of work

Have you ever been offered an exciting job opportunity, but hesitated because you were secure where you already where? I know, staying in the safe zone is the ‘sensible’ thing to do; but do you wonder what could have been? What if you took a chance?

2 A business opportunity

A great job will earn you a healthy salary. But for genuine wealth and financial freedom, being involved in a business is an obvious solution. And it does not have to mean giving up your day job. Today’s go-getters are all about the side-hustle.

3 Finding a passive income stream

Speaking of side-hustle; passive income streams are the order of the day. A passive income business can be described as work that you do once but get paid for over and over again. This applies to things like publishing a book, an eCourse, or investing in someone else’s business.

4 Volunteering

You will meet the kindest and most loyal people in the volunteering world. If you need more genuine people in your circle, this is a great place to make friends. If an opportunity to volunteer for a cause you are passionate comes up, then do not dismiss it because you will not get paid. Wealth is about more than money.

5 Anything that calls for travel

Travel is such a life-enriching experience. There is nothing like seeing other cultures to give you a fresh perspective on life. When this kind of opportunity calls, make it work for you, if you possibly can.

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6 The thing you think you really can’t do

This is all about stretching the walls of your comfort zone. If you have told yourself that you can’t do something, and then the opportunity to learn arises, you know what to do. Get involved and challenge yourself.

7 A chance to get on the property ladder

Property ownership is a real game-changer. If an opportunity comes along to make what will probably be the biggest investment of your life, this is something to make a cautious and well-informed move into. Once you escape the world of landlords, you never look back.

8 True love

If you think you are staring down the barrel of a chance for true love, do not walk away from this. Great opportunities rarely knock at convenient times, but please do not short change yourself with saying you are too busy or that it will never work. Real love is not found very often.

9 Those one-off experiences

From abseiling down a monument to running a world-class marathon, there are so many charity events to sign up to these days. Many of them are unique experiences. Although there are many participants, they are a one-off experience for each person there.

Have you ever wished you could tackle a fear of heights, run around a famous city marathon, or jump out of a plane? If you make the effort to raise the sponsorship and train for the challenge, then you absolutely can tick something big off your bucket list.

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10 Fun

Why not challenge yourself this year to have more fun? Nothing could be more life affirming and good for your soul. Hard work is admirable and undoubtedly pays off, but do not forget to enjoy life too.

Life is full of opportunities but most of the time we fail to see them and I hope now you will not miss any life-altering opportunity on the list. Have a fantastic start to your 2017 and make it memorable!