10 Trips to Take in Your Mid 20s

Aug 8, 2016

The mid-20s is a time to be selfish, a time to grow as a person, a time where you live presently and joyfully in today, but also start dreaming of a better tomorrow. It is when you move on from being careless to where you start realizing what it is that makes you excited with purpose and passion. What a better way to do this than by traveling to other countries and experiencing different cultures? Here are ten destinations that will broaden your sense of the world and yourself:

1 Open your eyes to the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef

In north-eastern Australia, we find the world’s largest coral reef – a beauty that is famous for being the only living thing that can be seen from space. Take a friend, or better yet, go alone and explore this wonder of the world through snorkeling, scuba diving, helicopter and boat rides.