7 Traits Your Mom Wants You to Look for in Guys You Date

Jun 5, 2016

Your mom wants you to be happy. It is obvious. She accepts all of your new boyfriends and gives you some relationship advice. But when it comes to dating, there are a few things she wishes you did differently. Whether you have been dating a guy for a while or you are looking for your soulmate, here are some traits your mom secretly wants you to look for in guys you date. They are not as terrible as you may think.

1 Shyness

No matter how great he is, if he calls your mom by her first name and treats her like she is his friend or sister, your mom probably wishes he could be a little bit shyer. She wants him to respect her word and be a bit afraid of her. It sounds weird, yet most moms confess they really want their daughters to build relationships with shy guys.

2 Hardworking

She may like your new guy that is too lazy to get his butt off the couch, but she will never accept him as your husband. She wants you to look for a guy who has big career ambitions, is not afraid of work and strives to make your life prosperous. He does not necessarily have to be rich. Maybe she thinks an investment banker or a doctor will become a perfect husband for you.

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3 Family-oriented

Hanging out is fun. Dating is romantic. But marriage is better. If he wants to get married you as soon as possible, be sure your mom will love him. In a dating world where most guys are trying to get in your pants (let’s be honest you allow most of them to do it, right?) it is hard to find a family-oriented guy. No wonder, it is only your mom’s dream.

4 Strong moral compass

He should have an absolutely different and independent way of thinking and he should be creative and flexible. He will not cheat on you just because the girl next to him is gorgeous, and he will not leave you in trouble. He will not be involved in situationships that will make you feel depressed. He will be totally loyal and devoted.

5 A neat guy

Your mom can’t understand how you can date a hippie who wears long hair, loves his lush beard, and feels comfortable and clean going a week without showering. A neat guy strives to perfectionism, but he will at least smell like Burberry Homme. And his trendy haircut will make your mom like him even more.

6 Sense of humor

He has tons of stories he has collected over the years, and can easily crack up a house full of strangers,or at least get your mom to roll her eyes and laugh out loud. A guy with a great sense of humor is definitely the one for you. That is your mom’s dream.

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7 He wants the best for you

Your mom wants your new boyfriend to be reasonable, practical and wise. He should be able to comprise in complicated situations and simply want the best for you. Instead of bringing you down, he will push you to get the best position at work, reach your dreams and enjoy your life. He will cry when your cry and will be happy when you will be happy.

Not all guys in their 20s are well experienced, rich and successful, but your mom knows the consequences of dating the wrong guys, so she wishes you didn’t make the same mistakes. Listen to your mom, at least once in a while and look for these seven traits in guys you date. Did you ever date a guy that your moms didn’t like?