8 Tricks to Conquer the Worst Day of Your Life

Oct 13, 2017

We have all had bad days, and some days feel like they are the worst days of our lives. It feels as if the world is upon our shoulders and we just can’t bear the weight of it any longer. But, there is hope.

There are ways to conquer those feelings and breathe a breath of fresh air again. Consider these tricks when surviving the worst day of your life.

1 Prayer or meditation

When you have the worst day of your life, turning to prayer or meditation can conquer any negatives. Many people feel relief when they find a quiet place and time alone reflecting on the day’s events.

Others like to spend time writing in journals to express their feelings. The point of the quiet time is to release the negativity of your day in order to conquer it.

2 Self-talk

Giving yourself a pep talk might just be what you need to move forward from the day. Keeping your thoughts focused on the positives of your life and how you have conquered other bad days and circumstances in the past will help you keep things in perspective.

Remind yourself of how strong you were then and are now. Remember, you can overcome even the worst days of your life.

3 Self-care

It is important to take care of yourself when things feel and look bleak because otherwise, the negativity can wreak havoc on your body and mind. If you let the negative side effects take over your life, the worst day ever could cause health problems.

Eat healthy, well-rounded meals, get good sleep, and get some exercise. You will need to also take care of your emotional side as well as the physical side by doing something mindful.

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4 Self-indulgence

Indulge yourself in things you love to do to help yourself unwind. Maybe a soak in a hot tub, or a glass of wine and soft music. Get out the chocolate or ice cream and enjoy your favorite movie.

Or maybe shopping at your favorite place would help relieve some of the stress you experienced. Whatever you enjoy doing, take the time to enjoy it now.

5 Love

Love conquers all. Let go of the memories of your worst day ever and spend your time loving others. There are lots of ways to show love to others. Spending quality time together, doing something helpful, and showing physical affection are some of those ways.

Take time to enjoy the positives of your life with those you love. The support you get from others will help you gain confidence in conquering your worst day ever.

6 Reach out to others

When you are feeling down in the dumps and like your world has ended, you need to reach out to others for help. Sometimes this might mean seeking professional help if you feel you might be in a state of depression, or it might simply mean talking to a well-trusted friend.

Whomever you choose to reach out to, be sure to open up and expel the stress and negativity you have just experienced so that it does not conquer you.

7 Change your mindset

Sometimes it just takes a change in your mindset to overcome the worst day you have ever had. Sometimes it is just a matter of taking the negative experiences and turning them into positive thoughts.

Think about what you learned from the experience. Once you are able to do that, you will see that maybe, just maybe, it really was not the worst day ever after all.

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8 Set goals

Take the worst day ever and set goals for yourself to make changes to whatever you can that will turn that day into a growth experience that moves you forward rather than sets you back. What could you do differently if this situation might occur again? Setting goals empowers you.

Having a bad day is a normal part of life. Even having the worst day ever is part of learning and growing. But when you take the experience and use it to better yourself, you have not only overcome the worst day ever, you have conquered it once and for all and are able to breathe again.