7 Reasons He Wants to Take a Relationship Break

Jan 4, 2023

Does your boyfriend want to take a break? Many couples who have experienced a relationship crisis take a break because they believe it can change something for the better and heal the relationship.

Breaking up a relationship can sometimes be very difficult. It seems that some significant reason or reason is needed for this. Especially when the relationship lasts long enough and the couple has no conflicts or scandals. So your man is no exception.

But here is the kicker: it is okay to spend some time on your own, but the idea of taking a relationship break is often a sign of a breakup. Of course, it is hard to understand what he is thinking about, but here is what the phrase ‘Let’s take a relationship break’ means in most cases.

Understanding that your man is not doing well may not be the most difficult task since the representatives of the strong gender are much worse at hiding their true intentions. Their emotions are read on their faces. If you want to buy valuable time and try to mend your relationship, pay attention to the signals he sends with his behavior.

1 Emotional exhaustion

A relationship without mutual understanding and harmony often gives birth to regular fights, hatred, indifference and emotional exhaustion. At first, both partners endure each other, trying to reach a compromise.

But when there is no end to a settling-in period, then love automatically turns into absolute indifference. Men do not stand extremely emotional relationships. They either take a break or just leave drama queens as quickly as possible.

2 He wants to feel the difference

A relationship break is not always a sign of a breakup. Oftentimes, men initiate it, because they want to try to build a relationship with another girl. When partners break up for a while, some men start thinking that they have the right to hook up with other women.

Then, they decide whether they want to come back to their girlfriends or not. So keep an eye on your boyfriend during this break, if you do not want to become the victim of a cheater.

3 It is a subtle and less painful way to break up

This is obvious: indecisive guys do not have the guts to look into the girl’s eyes and tell her that the relationship is over. Instead, they try to soften the blow by trying tricky approaches and false hope.

He may not realize that he does not make a breakup less painful. On the contrary, he fills your heart with hatred, emotional pain and strong resentment. If you suspect that his suggestion of a break in your relationship is just an excuse or a cunning plan, ask him to be honest with you, no matter how bitter the truth is.

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4 He is trying to escape the responsibility

This happens when the duties and responsibilities in your relationship are not shared equally. When one partner carries a heavy burden of responsibility alone, they just burn out. It is impossible to move on without the partner’s emotional support.

Many men are afraid of responsibility and double burden because they are used to a carefree lifestyle. But it is not an excuse for a manly man because he should take the lead in the relationship regardless of everything.

5 He wants to test your love

Many guys take breaks to check the quality and strength of their girlfriends’ love. They do painful things and hurt their feelings and then watch their reaction. If you agree to take a break, he may think that you do not love him. If you feel like he is trying to test your love, do not give in his manipulations, but do what your heart tells you.

6 He feels suffocated

If he is surrounded with your attention and care 24 hours a day, no wonder he feels suffocated. Lack of freedom and absence of personal space make men unhappy. A relationship break will give only a temporary relief. If you do not accept the problem or take concrete actions to make room for personal space in your relationship, the situation will not change for the better.

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7 Self-reflection

When partners face a relationship crisis, both of them should analyze the situation and make sincere efforts to bring the spark and harmony back into the relationship. Your boyfriend may crave more time to take an unvarnished look at the relationship and understand in what direction to move.

Give him some time for self-reflection. This pause will either reset your relationship or put an end to your love. Everything depends on his willpower, feelings, final decision, and of course, on your desire to go on.

Not everyone is ready to take a relationship break because they do not believe in its successful outcome. But if he needs it, you can do nothing just to watch out for red flags. Do you think a relationship break leads to a breakup?