5 Signs You Are Emotionally Addicted to Stress

Jan 25, 2018

Believe it or not, stress is a new addiction, and unfortunately, many people do not realize it, letting this addiction grow and thrive. When you are emotionally addicted to a stressful lifestyle, adrenaline and cortisol are pumping out in a dangerously high level all the time.

While stress is a good thing at times, making it a part of your daily life is harmful to your overall well-being. Here are several warning signs of an emotional addiction to stress to help you recognize the problem and deal with it.

1 You never stop worrying about the future

Worrying about the future all the time is an alarming signal that notifies you that you are literally addicted to stress. You know that it is possible to make plans for the future, but you are not able to predict what will the next moment. When something that you try to predict or plan does not happen, it leads to even more stress. Maybe, it is time to learn how to enjoy the present moment?

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2 You create stress everywhere

You are always late to work or you procrastinate so then you must do your best to meet your deadline. No matter what you do or where you go, you always create some level of stress. You would rather have a messy schedule than a well-organized planner because the last one is too boring for you.

3 You count seconds

Even though there are the times when we have to count every minute, if you are emotionally addicted to stress, you count every second you spend doing nothing. You get anxious when you wait for your espresso in a coffee shop or when you wait for the elevator in the office. Yes, each second is precious but sometimes it is worth being more patient. After all, it is good for your well-being.

4 You are impatient about others

Whether you are a mom, an employee, or an employer, stress is always your best friend. You add a touch of stress to any relationship, expecting others to do what you want them to do or getting furious when someone does something differently.

5 You enjoy drama

If you fail to create drama, it starts looking for you everywhere. As a stress addict, you have trouble living a calm life. You have a tendency to add drama to your ordinary daily situations and seek it purposefully in order to enjoy this moment.

Think of how much time you have fought with your significant other for nothing or yelled at your children because they forget to clean their rooms. Even if everything is perfect, you will try hard but find a reason for drama.

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When you are emotionally addicted to stress, you give up on yourself, ignore the feelings of other people, and put a lot of pressure on your shoulders in order to experience that the emotional rush of intensive stress. It is time to stop it. Addictions exist to be overcome. Remember, life without stress is much happier.