8 Ways to De-Stress When Meditation Fails

Everyone gets stressed. People manage these moments in different ways, but if you’re one of those people who can’t find relief in meditative practices, what do you do? In fact, some may even hate meditation in large quantities. That is why it is necessary to have a plan that goes beyond the A and B. Here are some ways to de-stress when meditation fails.

1 Get sweaty

When I am stressed, I am not the kind of person who can close their eyes and concentrate solely on breathing. You might be like me. In that sense, instead of finding a quiet time for reflection, do the opposite. Go the gym and lift heavy. Punch a sandbag. Throw around kettlebells. Get sweaty. The rush of endorphins will help elevate your mood while burning calories and fat (which the stress hormone cortisol loves messing with). You get two for the price of one.

2 Rearrange your furniture

Sometimes decluttering and reorganizing can be extremely therapeutic. Aside from the principles of feng shui, taking a look at the space you are in and how you can change it will bring about relaxation. Most of the time, you find things you had forgotten and can go on a memory-trip. Plus, deep-cleaning and rearranging the household is decent exercise, which is excellent for busting stress.

3 Find some stillness

No, not in the vein of meditation. Go somewhere where the hustle and bustle surrounding your daily life comes to a stop, where you can simply stand in one place and feel at peace. This may be in the middle of a field, the forest, on the beach, or even in a garden. Just close your eyes, listen to the world, and enjoy the moment.

4 Treat yourself to some noms

Feeling stressed beyond repair? Noms will make it better, so go on a journey to acquire some deliciousness. The process is simple. Do not take the car. Ride a bike or walk to the nearest location with something tasty, like ice cream. Walking is a great stress buster. Knowing something sweet is awaiting at the end of the road is also wonderful motivation. Besides, nothing makes you chill out like chocolate.

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5 Cook something out-of-this-world

Even if you are not a master chef, sometimes settling in with a complex recipe in an attempt to make it right is enough of a puzzle that you will forget why you were so panicked in the first place. Cooking is nice because, if you can’t walk to the ice cream stand, you can make your own, for example. The tangible reward at the end is a bonus.

6 Free write

I know I am not alone when it comes to the stress relieving powers of writing. I record my thoughts in a journal whenever I start feeling mentally overwhelmed. Sometimes I doodle to portray my thoughts rather than write. Case in point: Writing is excellent for helping you identify and reflect on what is making you feel stressed while offering a way to channel that neurotic energy into something productive.

7 Aromatherapy

Have a favorite aromatherapy scent that makes you chill out? Buy a bottle of that stuff and soak your entire room in it. I am not joking. Put the essential oil in a spray bottle then spritz the fabrics of your room. Rub some on the inside of your wrists. Wipe down your yoga mat with it. Just inhale the smell-good, feel-good essence and say, “Ah.” What a great way to de-stress!

8 Get spontaneous

Sometimes stress is created by the routine in which we lock ourselves into. Instead of being a compliant automaton, do something new. Do something impulsive that you have never done before. Buy a ticket to a concert a week away. Hop on a train going anywhere. Meet some old friends at a bar. Take a new kind of fitness class. Just do something out of the ordinary for you. Whether it is a good experience or a terrible one, you will have learned something refreshing about yourself.

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So many people nowadays simply tell you to meditate or do yoga when you are stressed. While these mind-body exercises do have wonderful effects, not everyone can use them or likes to do them. For whenever meditation fails, or you find yourself in a moment where it is not doable, try one of the listed ways to de-stress instead. By the end, you will be feeling renewed.