10 Ways to De-Stress the Beginning of the New School Year

Oct 31, 2022

School is all about getting knowledge, having fun with friends and being involved in lots of different interesting activities. Learning is a part of everyone`s life and it’s not always exciting but also exhausting, boring and stressful. When the summer holidays come to an end and a new school year begins, lots of children suffer from the coming duties and every morning wake ups. Here are 12 ways to de-stress the beginning of the new school year.

1 Be optimistic

An optimistic way of thinking always helps us even in the most difficult life situations and this one is no exception. Teach your children to be optimistic no matter what. Don`t let them think that school is the end of the world. Inspire them and always say that there`s nothing that can make them scared. Help them find strength to cope with stress by encouraging them and pointing out the bright side of life. This way, they`ll feel no stress for good.

2 Offer your help

If you see your child is out of sorts about the new school year, you may offer your help. Ask what difficulties they see and what they can`t do on their own. Then try to solve their problems together. Give the examples from your own experience and try to show them that everything is great and in fact there`s nothing to worry about. You can even tell them about your own current problems as it`ll show that their situation isn`t the worst one.

3 Laugh

Laughing is a great way to reduce stress of any kind. When we laugh, our muscles relax and the stress hormones leave the body. We start feeling better even though we often can`t figure out the reason of it. Laughter is the reason. Humor saves our nerves and helps us a lot in life thus if you want to make your child happier with a new-school-year, try to surround them with colorful toys and cheerful nick-nacks. They`ll just forget about stress when laughing a lot.

4 Our mood depends on food

The food we eat can either boost our mood or lower it. If you give your child sweets and sugary beverage, no wonder they can’t concentrate. All they do is throw a temper tantrum. Consider your child’s meal plan, and make sure you add enough fruit, vegetables, nuts, nut butter, and other healthy foods to their lunchbox. Healthy eating helps to banish stress and improve your child’s health.

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5 Drink more water

Dehydration often causes fatigue and sadness. Children become dehydrated very quickly and easily. Remind your child to drink enough H20 during the day and give them a bottle filled with fruit or plain water. Stay away from soda, coffee, tea and any sugary drinks that lead to dehydration. A normal water rate of the body is the key to a better mood and memory as well.

6 Practice breathing techniques

You child can fix stress by deep breathing as well. When they feel stressed, they should find a quiet place and make six deep breaths a minute. Meanwhile they may say relaxation, peace and love in mind during this procedure. It slows a heart rate and lowers blood pressure. Practice breathing techniques together on a daily basis to cut stress out of your family for good.

7 Remember the holiday time

One of the best ways to destress the beginning of the new school year is to remember your fun summer season. I’m sure there are many things to talk about. Ask your child to recreate as many details as possible including people, scents, colors and tastes of that time and place. When we imagine something in details, our brain reacts as if we experience it right now. Therefore, a child may feel as great as it was that time.

8 Look at the bright side

Let your children look at the bright side of learning. Either way, school isn`t all about learning and doing dull tasks only. It also means having lots of fun with friends and gradually becoming an adult human. Tell them that the sooner they finish school, the faster they`ll have all the opportunities of a grown up life and stress is something all adults can cope with easily. Thus they should act as grown ups to become so. All children want to grow up most of all thus you can use this desire to help your own children to de-stress the beginning of a new school year.

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9 Work out in the morning

Starting a day with exercise means that you start the day off on a positive note before your child goes to school. Exercise gives the body enough endorphines to feel happier. When children are happy, they never moan about school. Instill a habit of exercising in the morning into your child and they’ll thank you down the road.

10 Move more

Try to explain to your children that they should move more during the day to feel better. When we move, our body gives and gets energy and the blood moves faster all over the body that causes useful brain`s activity. It helps us forget about stress and makes us smile instead. When children move less, they become tired and irritated because they look at the same things and think about everything they don`t like to do again and again. Even a 5-10 minute walk can help a lot in reducing stress.

We all love our children and wish them only the best. Even though we know school isn`t the worst thing in life, it may seem to be a really tough challenge for them. If you want to realize your child`s feelings and worries, try to talk to them more often. Busy parents don’t pay enough attention to their kids and then wonder why they are so selfish. Does your child have trouble going back to school?