7 Things That Help Us Bring Up Well-Rounded and Happy Kids

Oct 24, 2022

The birth of a child is the greatest miracle of this world. There’s nothing better than carrying the baby in your arms. Gradually, the feeling of joy and peace are replaced by inner concern. You start thinking about the present and the future of your children. Every parent dreams to bring up a healthy, intelligent and kind child. However, achieving that requires parents to take active participation in the process of their child’s development. Parents have to provide all necessary equipment and help children to be confident in achieving their dreams. You should be patient and reserved because it’s extremely difficult to start from the point zero.

The outlook of a child directly depends on the family environment they grow up in. Children are very vulnerable and sensitive creatures. They have strong emotional connection with their parents. It’s very good when at least one parent is an optimist by nature. Optimism will help the child to prevent the problem of negative thinking and instill confidence that everything will be okay.

The task of good caring parents is not only to bring up the child, but impart their knowledge and skills to them. Parents should also teach them to make use of this wisdom in everyday life. There’s a great variety of ways to create a wonderful atmosphere inside your family and give your child an opportunity to elicit its potential. I know that anything is possible in life, but do your best not to project your family scandals and problems on your children, because excessive negativity can exert big negative influence on the child’s immature psyche. Hopefully, this article will direct you to bring up smart kids and make their childhood the best and the happiest period of their life.

1 Fairy tales and parables

Fairy tales are an essential part of the child’s personal development. Psychologists prove that fairy tales help children comprehend the reality. Fairy tales and parables give us an opportunity to explain the child what is good and what is bad. They’re full of positive and negative characters, which do either good or bad deeds. To put it differently, fairy tale is the reflection of real life, communications and relationships between people. I remember my childhood with a pleasant feeling in my heart. I loved listening to fairy tales. When I listened to them, I imagined the characters, their feelings and emotions. My mom wanted to develop my imagination skills.

From time to time, it’s desirable to read parables together with kids. This morally edifying activity can teach children to be kind-hearted and law abiding people in the future and foster the best moral values in them.

2 Believe in Santa Claus

Faith in something good has always been the best source of power, motivation and patience. People cannot live happily without looking for a miracle. I think that Santa Claus is the biggest miracle for every child on this planet. I know that the world of those children who believe in Santa Claus is full of joy, happiness and beauty. Let them enjoy this fairy tale while they’re small. A bit later, the harsh world will fill their hearts with realism and skepticism.

Tell them that one day Santa will come and put a special gift under the Christmas tree or make their dreams come true. They just have to write a letter to Santa and ask him about something they want to get as a present. Many parents prefer to intimidate their children saying that Santa Claus won’t come, if they behave badly during the year. I believe that using fears isn’t the best idea to improve your child’s behavior.

3 Physical activity

Unfortunately, many parents focus only on mental development of their kids. Doctors advise to keep balance between mental and physical activities all the time, because human body cannot function normally without physical exercises. It’s necessary to accustom children to gymnastics and sports from early childhood. It should become a strong child’s habit and then turn into a hobby.

Parents should help their kid to choose the most suitable kind of sports, based on their physical abilities and interests. Not every child will become a professional, but an even amateur sport is the best therapy against sorrow and many other health problems. Sports teach children to cooperate as a team member and find true friends. Children should do physical exercises at least 30 minutes a day on a regular basis since sport is the key to long and healthy life.

4 Pets

Pets aren’t just fluffy toys for your children. It’s been proved that animals play a great role in the process of the child’s identity formation. They’re always on good terms with them and love sincerely, because they aren’t as harsh and arrogant as many adults can be. It seems to me that there’s some kind of link between pets and kids. Pets can help parents cultivate responsibility, compassion, self-confidence and carefulness in children.

Pets often act as a caring family psychotherapist. Those children who grow up without brothers or sisters sometimes feel lonely, especially when parents are at work or busy with their household chores. Children have a chance to talk to the pet or share their feelings that gives them a big relief from stress and worries. The child can treat it to something tasty, hug or just play an active game. Let your child grow up with a nice and devoted. It doesn’t matter, whether it’s a dog, cat or aquarium fish. Everything depends on the type of the child’s temperament.

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5 Communication

If you don’t want your children to roam in a world of their own, then try to communicate with them as much as possible. Pets, literature and electronic technologies will never substitute real communication with parents and friends. The main task and responsibility of parents are to build the relationship within the family based on respect and mutual understanding. Children will trust their parents and avoid communication constraints. Good communicative skills are crucially important for everyone. Without these skills they won’t be able to reach goals and succeed in the society. Remember that you’re the role model for your children. They pay attention to your manner of speaking to other people and copy your style.

6 Observing daily regimen

Regimen is like a personal hygiene should be followed in a compulsory manner. Teach your children to do everything on time. They will be able both to complete all tasks and do all important things systematically. Many children aren’t self-disciplined and they cannot keep a large amount of information in their heads. My friend always says that boys are less responsible and conscientious than girls. I do not support this point of view. I’m sure that both boys and girls are equal and have the same chances for development. Everything depends on the quality of upbringing.

Explain to your kids that there’re many unpleasant and challenging things in this life. We should do them in order to achieve a desirable result. In 40 days all these things will turn into simple habits.

7 Healthy eating

The pace of a modern life is very fast. The child’s growing body needs balanced nutrition and a complete complex of vitamins and minerals. Active lifestyle and overloaded school curriculum make children work at full stretch all the time. Healthy nutrition helps their bodies cope with constant stress, overloads and remain healthy. If your kids already go to school, then you should be sure that your kid eats healthy foods, at least four times a day. Don’t forget to give them an apple. I hope your kids know that an apple a day, keeps doctor away.

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Kids are like angels with hearts so pure and sincere. They come into this world to start everything from the beginning. Parents should realize that their kids deserve a wonderful life. They should take the responsibility for a prosperous future of their heirs. But for that, they need to follow these pieces of advice, because they’re the main. Don’t say that you’ve no time to read fairy tales and parables. Your child is your everything. In the blink of an eye, your kids will grow up. There’s nothing better than see your kids happy and healthy. What other developmental things can help our children become all-rounded? Share your experiences!