9 Signs Your Kids Are Ready for a Pet

Mar 4, 2014

Pets play a vital role in a family’s life, but it’s important to know when to bring an animal into your home. Introducing a pet into your home’s environment before you’re ready can cause complications for both your family and the new pet. Take a look at the following nine signs to ensure your children are ready for a pet.

1. Your children are comfortable around animals

Don’t get a pet to cure your children’s fear of animals. A fearful child could easily make mistakes that result in injury and deep-seated fear of animals. Instead of bringing a pet into such environment, take your child to a friend’s home or an animal shelter to get familiar with animals. Don’t force the child to pet or touch the animal while you’re there; give him room to observe the animals and let your example be the guide on how to interact with pets. Consider getting a pet only after your child feels comfortable around animals.

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