A Happy Family: Why It’s So Important to Your Kids

Oct 21, 2022

Today I’m going to reflect on the importance of a happy family in the life of children. This topic is of current importance since many people experience both economical and social crisis these days. There’re millions of single-parent families, which can be dangerous for child development. Studies show that rearing kids in single-parent families exerts negative influence on their development.

If you’re already a parent, you should realize that children cannot develop without your support. You should act like a guide and help them explore this wonderful and challenging world. Try to create a correct model of relationships inside your family – children have to live according to your rules. They absorb your behaviors, habits, manners, lifestyles and phrases. These words prove that living in a healthy relationship helps children become smart personalities.

Happy people understand that only a wonderful environment inside the family can bring up healthy and full-blown children. Hopefully, the following advice will open your eyes and help you believe in this little truth.

Happy Family – Happy Kids

A happy family is the most comfortable ground for children to grow up and become successful people. Parents look like gods in the eyes of their children. That’s why it’s important for parents to accept the responsibility for their actions and words.

I’m a happy person because I had a chance to grow up in a wondrous family. I’m very grateful to my parents for filling my life with love and positivity. I was taught to break bread together and appreciate everything I have in my life. My family spent much time and efforts on my education. They believed that constant and persistent development was the earnest of my future success. My dad was always afraid to spoil me, while giving me small gifts and making surprises. When I’m already a grown up, I realize that it’s normal to spoil children reasonably, because no one knows what life has in store for them in future.

Children, who have grown up in happy families, usually reach their goals with ease and have more chances to live their life to the fullest.

The Role of a Happy Family in Children’s Psychological Formation

A family usually plays a big role in children’s emotional, social and physical maturation. If you’re a parent, you should demonstrate how to behave in a correct way and serve as a role model to your child. But be careful, children can memorize and imitate both good and bad things. Happy families often teach their kids to build positive social skills. These crucial skills will help them find a common language with people around and develop the sense of leadership.

Moreover, good parents want their children to be better and happier in life than them. That’s why they try to raise their kids according to their type of temperament. Temperament appears in childhood and cannot be changed later. The formation of temperament depends on emotional stability in the family and the way the child was taught to perceive the reality. Nowadays, I realize that emotional stability in the family is the crucial factor in successful formation of child’s type of character and self-esteem.

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Being a Good Parent is a Difficult Thing

Parenting is not as easy as you may think, because this twenty four hour job requires you to be always ready to teach, support and find a proper word to motivate your child. As a first teacher, you should help your children master different useful skills that will provide them more opportunities in future. Children in happy families are usually treated with love and respect, because these qualities teach the child to cooperate with the society and cope with stress without problems.

I think that the phrase “give a life” is a polysemantic one. First of all, parents give birth to a child and it’s a significant thing. I’ve noticed that happy families have a tendency to give their children a start in life, because nowadays it’s extremely difficult to succeed without somebody’s help. It doesn’t mean that parents should spoil children and give them everything they want. I believe that caring parents will do their best to help their children find their calling in life and use their fullest potential to reach more goals.

The Importance of Family Values and Traditions

I’m absolutely sure that every family has its values and traditions, which they’re passing from one generation to another. All parents should know that they have to foster the best values in their kids and teach them respect the traditions of their ancestors. Correct values and relationships built on mutual understanding and respect will help you grow a happy family and healthy kids.

Furthermore, I’d like to mention that values and traditions create special emotional connection inside the family. My family has a lot of values and traditions that still bring all members together. We have a tradition to go to the country every weekend to visit our dearest and nearest and enjoy the moments of communication with them. I’ve already got used to these traditions and they’ve become an inevitable part of my life. I’ll certainly pass these family treasures to my future kids. I believe these treasures will make them mentally rich.

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The Impact of Family Issues on the Life of Children

I don’t like to dwell on negativity, but life is not a bed of roses that’s why it’s necessary to be aware of the influence of family issues on the life of children.

Parents should know that it’s dangerous to project their own problems onto their children, because it can damage their psyche. Consequently, their children may become diffident due to the influence of fears on their subconscious mind. The outlook of diffident children is considerably limited and they usually cannot succeed in life, since they lack confidence to believe in their abilities. Plus, a childhood in an unhappy family with unstable emotional atmosphere can be the reason of different psychological and emotional traumas, which usually make child’s life harder. Sometimes, it seems easier to prevent a big problem than waste many years looking for an effective solution.

To sum it up, I’d like to say that a happy and full family should be the main priority in the life of every person, because it’s the key element in successful development of both children and parents. Life in a happy family requires constant work in order to build respect and mutual understanding in relationships. Cultivating family traditions and values is the best way to broaden your children’s horizons. If you want your child to be a successful and confident person, try to create a happy family first. Do you find your family happy? Share your thoughts and tips with us, please.