10 Natural Ways to Soothe Headaches

Aug 6, 2020

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The dreaded headache. Pain can radiate from behind the eyes into your neck, shoulders, and chest. Sometimes it stabs at the back of your eyes and causes your eyes to water or sounds to be completely horrible. The good news is that while headaches are nothing but pain, there are a variety of ways to treat them. Here are ten surefire ways to soothe headaches in a natural way.

1 Massage

Though relief is temporary, massaging the aching areas will help reduce headache pain. You can try rubbing the temples, neck, back, head, and shoulders to see if the throbbing or stabbing goes away.

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A weekly massage session in these regions may reduce migraines and even promote better sleep. The reason why massage provides relief is due to the therapeutic movements of the skin around tightened areas. When blood flow is increased, the affected areas can relax.

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