5 Signs You Are Not Healthy Even If You Feel Great

Aug 16, 2017

You are trying to eat healthier food. You work out each morning. You seemingly take care of yourself. You feel absolutely great and you believe you are completely healthy. It turns out many women perceive the first signs of health problems as a part of their busy days.

The health issues like fatigue and insomnia are usually ignored these days because women think it is a norm. In reality, it is not. Check out the signs below to be sure you are totally healthy.

1 Sudden loss of hair

More and more women are desperately trying to save their locks by using homemade shampoos and masks. However, a sudden loss of hair may be an indicator you have some problems with hair. Whether it is a stress overload or malnutrition, be sure to see your doctor as soon as you notice unexpected and quick hair loss.

2 Chronic fatigue

The number of women who experience chronic fatigue without treating it is so intimidating. We all have busy schedules and we all get tired at the end of the work day. If you feel fatigued even when you do nothing, it is a sign you might suffer from chronic fatigue. Chronic fatigue is often caused by lack of sleep, huge work overload, and relationship or family issues.

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3 Irregular bowel movements

Constipation is no joke and it can lead to serious health issues. With all those chores and projects, you probably have no time for watching your bowel movement. If you always push to move your bowels, it is time to reconsider your diet and daily lifestyle habits. Boost your fiber intake as a woman you should consume about 25 grams of fiber each day to improve bowel movements.

4 Headaches

Women who live in the big cities often perceive their headaches as a result of the hustle and bustle of a big city. While it is partially true, frequent, severe, and chronic headaches are a reason to see your doctor asap.

5 Bloating

Yea, your bloating might be a result of poor eating habits or that double portion of green beans. However, frequent bloating can lead to several serious conditions, including ovarian cancer, celiac disease, kidney failure, or liver disease. If you experience the accumulation of gas in your digestive tract at least twice a day each day, a doctors visit is a must.

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Here you have it! All the biggest signs you might be unhealthy even if you feel totally healthy. Never ignore those tiny health issues or they could grow into the bigger ones one day. Reconsider your lifestyle and see what yu can do to make it healthier. All these five health issues are not something to toy around with. Seek advice or help from a doctor as soon as you experience at least one health issue.