7 Steps to a Complete Energy Makeover

Suffering from chronic fatigue? Seem like you never have enough energy to get through the day? It is a sign that your body craves a complete energy makeover. While getting 7-8 hours of sleep is one of the best ways to increase your energy level, oftentimes it is not enough for us. There are certain habits that might absolutely change the way you feel in the morning and at the end of the day. Here are 7 steps to take in order to boost your energy levels, improve your productivity and enhance your overall health.

1 Let your brain waves relax before sleep

If you want to feel energized in the morning, you need to change your evening and bedtime routines. Do not overload your brain with unnecessary stuff and avoid negative talks. Stay away from your phone, laptop, TV and any device that emits the blue light. It sounds impossible, I know, but this sacrifice will bring awesome results.

Perhaps you have no idea what to do in the evening without the Internet, right? Reading is a great idea, but not for everyone. I suggest you play board games with your family, solve crossword puzzles, watch the stars, play with your pet or simply plan your next day. Cooking is an option too.

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2 Soak up the natural light

Nothing can improve your mood faster and better than the natural light. Not only will it help you wake up faster, you will also feel an instant energy boost. Natural light helps to control your body’s natural circadian rhythms, preventing you from hitting that snooze button over and over again.

3 Opt for ice water instead of cold shower

Taking a cold shower in the morning is an excellent way to wake yourself up and give yourself plenty of energy. However, cold showers have horrible side effects. If you have a weak immune system, this method is definitely not for you. Drinking a glass of cold water as soon as you wake up is a safer way to pump up your energy levels and speed up your metabolism. Ice lemon water is particularly good for those trying to drop weight.

4 Increase your body’s oxygen

It is tempting to work out in the evening, or at least think that you will do a few exercises once you reach home. This way, you might come up with a number of excuses and end up skipping your daily exercise at all. Exercise is an effective energy booster so doing a few stretches or running in the neighborhood in the morning is a quick way to wake up your mind and entire body and prepare yourself for a long work day.

5 Give tea a try

Coffee has always been a favorite morning drink of many of us, but since it has poor energy boosting properties, it is time to try something new. Earl Grey tea or black tea is a way better option when it comes to energy-boosting drinks, albeit my personal choice is green smoothie. Herbal tea, such as chamomile tea, might prepare you for a stressful or rough day.

6 Never skip your meals

No matter how busy, stressed or depressed you are, never ever skip your meals. Have a wholesome breakfast, a light lunch, healthy snacks and a scrumptious dinner every single day. Your body needs nutrients to work properly. If it does not get enough nutrients, chronic fatigue is inevitable.

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7 Take a nap

If you are suffering from chronic fatigue and you have trouble surviving the afternoon, taking a short nap (15-20 minutes) is a healthy way to recover your energy levels and boost your productivity at the end of your work day. Ask your coworkers to not disturb you for 15 minutes or let your boss know that you need to take a short nap every afternoon due to health issues. Hopefully, they will understand you.

Not getting enough sleep is not the only reason why you suffer from a constant lack of energy. Stress, poor eating habits, internet addiction and many other factors can affect your energy levels in the long run. Taking these steps might help you rev up your energy and start living a new healthy lifestyle.