4 Signs You Are Suffering from Morning Fatigue

Aug 7, 2020

What is morning fatigue? This word combination is obvious and understandable, but unfortunately, very few people know about the consequences of such a fatigue. It is not just an occasional tiredness that you feel in the morning.

Moreover, it is not a disease that you can easily spot. It is a so-called “umbrella symptom” that often goes unnoticed. Check out the signs below to find out whether or not you are suffering from morning fatigue.

1 Tiredness fluctuation

As soon as you open your eyes in the morning, you realize you just can’t get up because you are too tired to do it. You feel weak and unmotivated and all you can think about is staying in bed one more hour.

But as you make yourself get up and get ready for work, you start noticing that you are actually not as tired as you thought several minutes ago. When extreme tiredness vanishes as your morning goes on but could show up again till lunch, it is a sign you are suffering from morning fatigue.

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2 Dizziness

Morning dizziness can occur from time to time and it is not an issue of pregnant women only. When you had a hard yesterday, you may experience dizziness when getting up in the morning. If this happens every single day, though, it is a symptom you should pay more attention to.

3 Depressive mood

Although morning depression usually exists among night owls, morning people can experience it too. When your mood is terrible with no reason or you have a panic attack, you might be suffering from both morning fatigue and morning anxiety. Make sure you visit your doctor before this morning issue does not turn into the whole day and night mental disorder.

4 Dryness

It is okay to wake up with dry mouth once in a while, especially during the summer months. But it is not okay to wake up with dry mouth and dryness in your eyes. These are two symptoms of morning fatigue that can be a sign of some underlying disease or condition. Dryness might be caused by alcohol consumption, snoring, and dehydration, too.

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There are many reasons for chronic morning fatigue. Apart from four signs mentioned above, you might also struggle with certain medical conditions that worsen morning fatigue. Diabetes, underactive thyroid, anemia, glandular fever, and chronic anxiety are some of them.

Reconsider your sleep pattern, adopt good bedtime habits, switch to a well-balanced diet, and do not work after 6 pm if possible. Moreover, see your doctor to be sure you are not developing a serious disease.