9 Possible Signs You Are Pregnant

Mar 21, 2016

Wondering if you are pregnant? There are a few early pregnancy signs that might help you to find out if you are going to become a mom. Nausea is not the only one indicator of pregnancy. Many women claim they did not know they were pregnant until they saw their bellies grow or even gave birth. It typically happens to obese women, albeit any of us can skip the early pregnancy signs. Check out these nine signs that have nothing to do with morning sickness.

1 Increased sensitivity

We all have some sort of sensitivity to certain foods and scents. However, if you can’t smell your favorite meals and you suddenly start hating your coworker’s perfume that you loved before, this might be a sign you are pregnant. If you have an increased sensitivity that does not disappear after a few days, head to your gynecologist asap.

2 Getting or missing your period

Amenorrhea is a common problem among the women, and it is not a sign of pregnancy anymore. If you do not get your periods, make sure you see your gynecologist to figure out the reason.

Implantation bleeding is one of the most misleading pregnancy signs. It happens the week before regular menstruation and may trick you into thinking you are not pregnant. Implantation bleeding is typically brown or pink in color, and it usually lasts for a few hours but no more than three days.

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3 Bloating

Bloating is not a definite sign of pregnancy, but if it is accompanied by the other signs on the list, do not ignore it. During the early stage of pregnancy, your body undergoes many changes. If you are pregnant, your bowel function changes, and you may experience bloating, constipation, and rarely diarrhea.

4 Swollen breasts

The reason many women skip this sign when trying to find out if they are pregnant is because they think that swollen or tender breasts are an indicator of PMS. While it is hard to tell the difference between pre-pregnancy and PMS breasts, darkening of the areola that is a pregnancy sign may help you see the difference.

5 Mood swings

Women experience mood swings during their periods too. Pre-pregnancy mood swings are much frequent and intense, though. Bad mood, anxiety, anger, panic attack, depression, and increased emotionality indicate that you are probably going to become a mommy.

6 Lightheadedness and fainting

If you often feel as if you are going to fall or faint, it is also a possible sign of pregnancy. Do not worry. It happens because your body is not ready to produce enough blood to fill a rapidly expanding cardiovascular system. However, if you do not experience any other signs of pregnancy, dizziness may be a signal of a serious disease.

7 Urination changes

Frequent urination indicates either pregnancy or bladder problems. It is also a sign of urinary tract infections, bladder problems, kidney disease, and diabetes. That is why you should not neglect the sign. Anyway, if you are running to the bathroom every ten minutes day and night and you are suffering from the six symptoms mentioned above, congratulations. You will soon be a mom.

8 Fatigue

Today every other woman suffers from chronic fatigue, so it is hard to associate this sign with pregnancy. If you are constantly feeling drained, even after 8-10 hours of sleep, and you have no desire to do anything, grab a pregnancy test or/and consult your doctor.

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9 Appetite changes

Pregnancy can make you feel hungrier than ever before, or you may have no appetite at all. When eating, you may even notice a metallic taste in the mouth. Your food cravings may change drastically, and you may start foods that you have never eaten before in order to ease your nausea or boost your energy or mood.

Pregnancy brings joy and painful changes into your life, but it is one of the best things that could ever happen to you. If you haven’t planned your pregnancy, be thankful for this gift, because some women can’t conceive, no matter how hard they try.