7 Ways to Wave Goodbye to Spring Fatigue

Oct 26, 2022

Many people find spring the best and the most beautiful season of the year. They like to observe the total renewal of nature after a long and cold winter. This natural process is unbelievably beautiful, but it can have both positive and negative influence on human physical and mental well-beings. Have you noticed any changes in your body during the first two months of spring? Frankly speaking, I’ve already noticed that a terrible feeling of fatigue and weakness makes me behave like a sleepy fly. Many of my friends say that they’re facing the same trouble.

It’s high time to open your eyes to the truth. Not long ago, I paid a visit to my doctor in order to handle that seasonal problem and understand a true reason of my fatigue. She told me that the spring was a powerful source of energy, but not for human beings. As far as I understood, the change of the climate and circadian rhythms during spring made human beings go through a lot of occasional depressions and stresses. Furthermore, she pointed out that in spring the resistance of my body to various factors is significantly lower than in summer or in autumn. She gave me a valuable advice to stay positive during that transition period and take all necessary measures to help my body overcome that seasonable trouble.

Now I want to share my experiences and prove you that spring fatigue is not the symptom of an incurable illness, but the sign that your body is facing important physiological changes. You shouldn’t run to extremes, though. It’s crucially important to treat the problem comprehensively. It will give you a chance to avoid all possible risks and stimulate your immune system naturally. Today, spring fatigue is not a problem for me, because I already know how to bounce back in a quite short period of time. Hopefully, you will find these small tips useful as well.

1 Slow down

Nowadays highly successful people tend to lead an extremely productive and active life. They usually do their best to use every opportunity to broaden their horizons, achieve more goals and earn more money. But there’s always more fish in the sea.

If you prefer to say ‘Yes’, instead of refusing, than you should keep in mind that this, at first glance, positive and harmless habit can cause body exhaustion and make you feel tired during the spring fatigue cycle.

Earlier, I was a very kind-hearted, hard-working and reliable person by nature. One day, a terrible grief that had taken place in my family changed my vision of the world and made me become a bit self-loving and reasonable. My mom’s habit of working hard and saying ‘Yes’ to every request and opportunity had provoked a terrible stroke that made her a handicapped person.

Sometimes it’s necessary to say ‘No’ without feeling guilty for your refusal. I’m sure that all wise people already know that nobody owes them anything. If you feel weak, you should temporary avoid all possible overloads and stressful situations.

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2 Reprogram your mind

It’s been scientifically proven that human mind can either intensify the pain or give relief. Everything depends on your mindset and natural ability to cope with life difficulties. When you start focusing on the feeling of fatigue, you automatically give birth to dangerous obsessive thoughts that can make your fertile imagination damage your well-being. People who have a hypochondriac’s state of mind should always keep themselves from these obsessive thoughts. Otherwise, they’ll believe that they’re suffering from an unknown and dangerous disease.

Be careful with the process of self-suggestion – it’s a very powerful weapon that can build or break inner walls, heal or kill the person. Optimistic outlook is the best pill against everything. You’d better fill your head with positive thoughts about summer during this difficult period. Promise yourself that you’ll recover soon and become the most active and successful personality.

3 Healthy nutrition

The next important step in your struggle against spring fatigue is healthy nutrition. In most cases, lack of vitamins and poor nutrition are the main causes of chronic tiredness in the middle of spring. If you really want to move the situation off the dead center, you should do your best to restore the body’s reserves of all necessary vitamins and minerals. You can do it quickly by eating fresh vegetables, fruits and oatmeal for breakfast on a regular basis. Green smoothies are also a healthy option.

Some people tend to add different biologically active supplements to their diet. I prefer to use natural ways to deal with spring fatigue. I believe that natural foods are more useful, effective and absolutely harmless.

Plus, it’s strongly recommended to drink more water in order to get rid of toxins accumulated during the winter season. Don’t drink a lot of water, though. Drinking too much water can make you sick. 6-8 glasses will be enough to keep your body hydrated.

4 Relax

One of my workmates says that drinking energy drinks helps him remain energized all day long. I don’t think that it’s a good idea. Energy drinks usually overload and cause damage to an already weak and exhausted body. As I’ve already mentioned, it’s better to use natural relaxation techniques, because only relaxation can reboot and refresh your body in spring.

When I’m tired of being sick and tired, I prefer to take a break and dedicate time to relaxation. At least 30 minutes every day I try to take a rest from annoying thoughts, people, information flow and other things that don’t let me breathe in a gulp of fresh air and feel comfortable. I usually turn off my phone and take a luxurious herbal bath. Self-massage is also a wonderful and free technique that gives you an opportunity to improve blood circulation in your extremities and tone up your body.

5 Get more oxygen

Many oriental medicine specialists state with assurance that a lack of fresh air is one of the main causes of chronic fatigue syndrome. In winter, many people, especially office workers, spend most of their time in airless and stuffy rooms without realizing that this comfort and warmth aren’t useful for their health.

When you spend too much time in poorly ventilated rooms, the concentration of carbonic acid in your blood increases. As a result, a lack of oxygen in your body leads to the feeling of fatigue and other unpleasant symptoms.

It’s desirable to spend more time outdoors to restore the balance of oxygen in your body and fill your muscles with energy. If you’ve no opportunity to follow this simple rule, then you should try to air the room and find time to practice deep breathing.

6 Movement is life

No matter how you slice it, physical activity is the best doctor. I can state that the more physical exercises I do, the better I feel. This effective and natural way to boost your metabolism and improve blood circulation is accessible to everyone. People suffering from the feeling of fatigue should remember that it’s necessary to choose moderate intensity activities. Step by step, you’ll be able to move to more complicated and vigorous exercises. Make exercise a habit and you’ll be the healthiest and happiest person in the world.

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7 Get a good sleep

Very often people say that the way to success is difficult and thorny. Sometimes you have to sacrifice something to get a desirable result. I do agree with this statement, but I believe that health is the top priority for every human being. You shouldn’t sacrifice sleep for your work, study or other life goals. Lack of sleep can affect your overall well-being. If you have some sleep disorders, you should try focus on relaxation techniques before going to bed. I’m sure they’ll help you overcome spring fatigue and improve the quality of your sleep.

Spring fatigue is the common health problem of many people from all over the world. I hope this article helped you find the best solution to this delicate issue. You’ll have to arm yourself with patience, because successful treatment of spring fatigue requires your discipline. Have you ever experienced such a feeling in spring? What other effective ways to overcome the feeling of tiredness do you know? Share your tips with us.