5 Ways to Encourage Yourself When You Feel Defeated

Unlike men (sorry, guys), most women take too many responsibilities on their shoulders, ending up feeling absolutely burnt out, lost, and defeated. We believe we are strong enough to tackle those long to-do lists and feel down when we fail to do it. Does it relate to you? Do you feel like anything you do is not worth it?

No matter what is happening in your life right now, you are not defeated. I do not claim to be super optimistic during the rough times, but in my worst moments, I know how to encourage myself and inspire to move on despite exhaustion, unexplained emotions, and a desire to give up. Here are some of my most effective tips:

1 Ditch doubts

I am guilty of this and I am sure you are guilty of this too. Doubting yourself and your actions is natural, but it can have an adverse effect on your self-esteem and your overall life. If you did something yesterday and you doubt about its positive outcome today, there is no point in it. You already did it. Instead of doubting and regretting, think about the way out of the situation.

If you doubt your life purpose, your relationship, or your career choice, it is a sign that you need to change something about your lifestyle. I doubted my talents, instincts, dreams and goals, and relationships. I made doubt habit a part of my life. That, in turn, made me feel absolutely defeated. Doubts breed fears, which stop us from living a happy life. I know it now.

Rather than focusing on your doubts, think about the positive outcome of what you are going to do. Having trouble to complete a challenging project? Think about how you would feel when you successfully accomplish it. Everything starts in your mind, so program it for the better, not the worst.

2 Do not make yourself get out of your comfort zone

Nowadays everyone keeps telling about the importance of stepping outside the comfort zone. Yes, it is crucial, but the question is, “Do you have a comfort zone?” Do you live in a harmony with yourself? Do you feel comfortable living your current lifestyle? You can’t get out of your comfort zone when you do not have it. And, when you do not have it, you can easily be defeated.

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3 Start a passion project

Okay, you do not feel like doing anything, but take a moment and think about one thing that can bring a smile to your face. Whatever it is, start doing it right now. Do not feel guilty for not doing something more important right now. If that “thing” is going to make you feel better about yourself, do it. Although I have terrible drawing skills, when I feel depressed and defeated, I start drawing anything that comes to my mind.

4 Visualize your best day

Fight your worst feeling by visualizing your best feelings. Forget about where you are right now and what problems you are facing. Close your eyes and visualize your best day where you are positive, productive, and motivated. How does it feel? Great, right?

Now that you know how the best day feels, try to incorporate those feelings into your current moment. Today can be a good day, despite any troubles. It is up to you to decide whether to have your best or worst day.

5 Shift your focus

When I feel down and defeated, I try to avoid putting myself at the center of the universe. Overthinking is my problem. When I do not feel like the best version of myself, I start overthinking all my flaws, mistakes, and failures. This self-centered thinking leads to dramatic mood swings and my depression begins whispering me that my life is worthless.

This is where the focus shift method works. Focus on the others, not yourself. Maybe someone needs your help or a local shelter is looking for volunteers. Locking yourself at home feeling sorry for your miserable life is just a waste of your time and life. Helping others will help you feel better about yourself and make someone’s life better along the way.

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Sometimes taking a few little actions can play a critical role in how you feel about yourself. Hopefully, my tips have helped you feel a bit stronger and more motivated. Remember, nothing and no one can break you until you allow it to happen. Will you?