7 Ways to Be Innerly Happy Through Grief and Despair

Mar 21, 2017

It is not easy to deal with grief and feelings of despair when you feel like the world has crashed down all around you. Know that these feelings are normal, and it is okay to feel this way.

Sometimes people with good intentions try to help you heal, but that is not up to them. Your healing is up to you. There are ways to help the healing process and be innerly happy through the grief and despair you are currently feeling.

1 Allow yourself time to heal

Everyone grieves in their own way, so there is no right time for you to be healed and ready to move on. Allow yourself the time you need to heal. Even if it means giving up on important projects or skipping a few family gatherings.

2 Take care of yourself

It is easy to dwell on your grief and despair when you are hurting, so it is also easy to let yourself go. But, do not. Be sure to eat well, sleep well, get exercise, and socialize. Sometimes eating and sleeping are easier said than done in the grieving process, but it is important to do the best you can so you keep up your physical health.

Moving your body is great to maintain physical health, but it helps with the mental and emotional health as well. Socializing keeps you around people rather than secluded, but alone time is a must as well. Just do not overdo it.

3 Step out of yourself

Step out of the feelings you are currently having and escape to a different world by helping others. Volunteer somewhere. Do something nice for a neighbor or friend. Do random acts of kindness in honor of your loved one. Finding joy in helping others will help your healing process.

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4 Journal through your feelings

Many people find great healing in writing. Take some time to journal your journey. No one has to see this but you. The idea here is to get those feelings out in a healthy way. Write about your anger, your fears, your sorrow, whatever it is you are currently feeling.

5 Reminisce

When you are ready, go through old photos, letters, emails, and listen to music to remember the good times. Allow yourself any feelings these things bring up. Cry if you need to. This will hopefully help you feel better and move forward.

6 Find peace

I find peace out in nature usually near a lake or a river. Find a place where you can feel peace and can visit whenever you just need the peace and quiet. Take in your surroundings and find things that you enjoy about this place.

7 Take a thankful inventory

Take time to inventory all the things you are thankful for. It can be things about your loved one and/or anything in your life. The idea here is to put your focus on what you still have even with the loss and to be thankful that these things are still a part of your life.

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Being innerly happy through grief and despair takes work, but it is vital to your healing process. Remember to allow your feelings, but do not let them overwhelm you. Taking time to experience life in a new way through the feelings you have and the actions you take will help you be innerly happy.