5 Daily Reminders to Help You Feel Happy Every Minute

Regardless of how many times I hear about how happy and pretty I am, there are times when I feel horribly unhappy for no reason. When I wrote, “for no reason” I really meant it. I am in a happy, long-term relationship, have amazing family and friends, and I do the job I love. So, why do I sometimes wake up feeling absolutely unhappy?

With tons of pressure, high standards, and busy lifestyles, we often forget all the beautiful, unique, and important things about ourselves and our lives. We often beat ourselves up over the things that do not matter at all and feel as if there is something wrong with us.

Whether you are chronically unhappy or you feel miserable at times, here are several little reminders to help you feel happy every minute:

1 It is okay to feel unhappy

Life consists of constant highs and lows. Whether it is your busy lifestyle, financial problem, health woe, or relationship issue, it can turn your positive attitude into a negative one in a minute. If you are feeling unhappy right now, remember that it is totally okay. There is nothing wrong with you and you are still an amazing person who has the right to feel low at times. Just make sure you do not get stuck there. Find a way to make yourself feel happy again.

2 Your life is yours

Okay, maybe your friend lives a wealthier life and can afford the things you could only dream about. Maybe your coworker has a happy relationship while you are struggling with your loneliness. The comparison is useful and jealousy is motivating but to a certain extent. If any of these emotions make you feel low, it is time to remind yourself that your life is yours. You are the only one who decides how to live it.

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3 Treat yourself with loving kindness

Could you tell which randomly nice things you do for yourself on a daily basis? You take care of your family, friends, pets, boss’s business, and strangers, but what about you? How do you treat yourself? It is critical to be kind to yourself and do the things that make you feel happy. Just because our roommate dislikes your singing in the shower does not mean you should stop doing it. There is always a compromise to find.

4 There is more good than bad around you

I am guilty of noticing bad things happening around me, forgetting about all the good ones. But I always remind myself that there is more good than bad around me. The smallest things like the sun, sky, green grass, or even a cup of tasty coffee can make a big difference in how you feel. Instead of checking your feed while commuting or walking, take a look at the things and people surrounding you.

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5 You do not need a reason to smile

Get into a habit of starting your day with a smile. It is simple. As soon as you wake up, just smile and tell yourself, “Good morning.” You might be astonished at the positive energy that you might carry throughout the day.

I know these daily reminders sound boringly simple, but the most effective way to feel happy each minute is to accept yourself, your imperfections, your emotions, and your whole life. You are worthy and enough just as you are.